Cinematographer & Photographer : Mr. Pratik Ghanshani

Meet Mr. Pratik Ghanshani @pratik_ghanshani, Photographer & Cinematographer by profession.
Mr. Pratik has completed his schooling at Holy Cross Kapa. Right after completing his 12th, Mr. Pratik always knew he wants to explore Photography and the media sector. He wanted to move to Mumbai and get his hands on Photography which was an expensive affair. But due to some financial constraints in the family, it was difficult for him to pursue his dreams.
Mr. Pratik decided to stay in Raipur and pursue CA as an alternative, which could only last for some time. In his heart, he always wanted to take the call of his dreams.

Mr. Pratik, after dropping out from CA, finally decided to move out. He sold his bike, gathered a few savings, and took the next train to Mumbai. He joined a 3 months course at the National Institute of Photography to understand the basics and explore the desirable field. Also joined a BPO to fuel the survival in Mumbai and continued working with BPOs for 1.5years and joined a wedding company.
After having worked for 10 months at the company, and got some good experience in fashion and product photography, working with celebrities as well, and gained a handful of experience to start his venture.

Moving back to Raipur, he incorporated his own company with two of his friends, by the name @twogetherbypratik.
He is planning to serve Raipur with weddings and media solutions.

Mr. Pratik has always believed in one basic rule in life: “Live like a warrior. I will either die struggling or die a winner, but I am never-dying giving up like a loser.” We wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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