“Discipline Yourself, Stay Fit And Achieve Your Goals Now”, Says Lipsy Singh

Lipsy Singh, a renowned Certified Nutritionist, and Fitness Coach, a Wife, a Mother, and a Homemaker, who remains very passionate about her work is here with us to have brief chit-chat.

“Discipline Yourself, Stay Fit And Achieve Your Goals Now”, Says Lipsy Singh

Lipsy Singh, a renowned Certified Nutritionist, and Fitness Coach, a Wife, a Mother, and a Homemaker, who remains very passionate about her work is here with us to have brief chit-chat.

In an interview with ‘Reincarnating Raipur’, Lipsy shares her journey, experiences, and a bit of her personal as well as professional life. She has done MBA in HR from Pune and worked as a corporate HR in various MNCs in Pune. But finally, followed her passion for fitness and started working as a nutritionist full-time.

Asking about her career choice and the decision to be in this field, she said, “Being a corporate HR, dealing with people and understanding their concerns came naturally to me and it laid the foundation for me during this shift in career as a nutrition coach as I could easily connect to my clients and comprehend their problems. I followed my passion and pursued a degree in nutrition in my late 30s and extremely happy that I took the leap of faith.

I was blessed since the beginning of my career to get clients through word of mouth and people who witnessed my transformation. But it was quite challenging to take the role of a coach because you need to understand the physical, emotional, and mental needs of all the clients and plan their journeys at the same time.”

She further adds, “In my profession, every journey of each client is tailor-made. So it is not like one size fits all and selling a plan for 3 months, it’s about making a sustainable lifestyle change. So that has been challenging. Right from spreading awareness to educating clients and not letting them quit in the process is the biggest challenge always and that’s what keeps you on your toes every day.

But every act in this universe is born from inspiration, and thus her profession. She said, “She was inspired to pursue a career in nutrition after observing the fact that how much impact diet and lifestyle choices can make on someone’s health.

During this conversation, when we asked her to share some of her achievements with us, she replied gently, “See If you can motivate, guide and transform even a single life through your knowledge and your efforts, then that is how I gauge my success as a coach. And, I have successfully and happily managed to transform more than 100 lives now in two years of my career as a nutritionist. I get all my clients through word of mouth. So, initially, when I started, it was like I transformed one client, one person, managed his lifestyle diseases, and managed his weight. Eventually, that person gave me another client. So it was totally through word of mouth and the chain continued. So, in that matter, I consider that it was my biggest achievement and I’ve been blessed.”

We all know, success comes with a price or challenges you can say. She shared some of the challenges she faced in her profession, “As a nutritionist, the challenges I face were related to nutrition, as this is a very complex field. And it’s not like you studied once and you can apply it for a lifetime. It is a very complex field and every day is endlessly fascinating.”

“Every day is a new learning. So you have to be constantly updated with what’s new, what’s trending, what a client needs and how to deal differently with each client, how to motivate each client differently, because, you know, the needs of each client are different. There’s a different way to motivate each client. There’s a different way that you can, understand and empathize with each client. You have to stay updated all the time with the knowledge, and I think that’s the only challenge I face but that’s what adds to your growth she adds.

While having a smooth career on one side, she also has to balance her personal life too. She tells, “Yeah, there are days. I mean, I won’t lie. There are days when I find it difficult to manage both of these because I have to manage my life as a homemaker, as a wife, and as a mother, that is my first duty. But then I treat my clients as my children. So even if they are like 60 years old, I coach them as my children only. So I take it as my duty. I’ve fixed my timings for them. So I have fixed my timings and schedule which is 4 hours every day for my clients which mostly includes client calls, problem discussions, reviews, etc. It’s really important to balance everything and to have a proper schedule.”

Being so efficient in her profession, she also guides beginners in this field, who want to make their career in nutrition, “I think you should choose this career not because you’re just knowledgeable about nutrition but you should be equally passionate about nutrition & fitness. In the era of AI and Chat GPT, Knowledge is easily available on the internet, even clients can access it from YouTube or social media. Also, a lot of diet charts are available online but my Unique Selling Point(USP) as a coach is my daily follow-up with my clients which keeps them accountable as well as disciplined in the process.

She adds, “Because, I truly believe that, motivation can come and go but discipline is something that is ingrained in yourself. So that’s how I deal with my clients. I teach them to be disciplined in their life so that they can even continue this throughout their lifetime. So even if someone is beginning this career as a nutritionist, my only guidance to them would be that they should be passionate and equally disciplined as a person. then only you can teach the same to your clients.”

Speaking about her experiences in this field, she said, “In this profession of nutrition, what I learned is that when your diet is wrong, the medicine or the doctors are of no use. If you’re making wrong lifestyle choices, then medicine can’t help you, and doctors can’t help you. But when the diet is correct, and you are following a good lifestyle, then medicine is actually of no need. So that is something I would like to pass on to my readers.”

“I would just like to add that, age is just a number, it’s all about your mindset. So if you want to get fit, get transformed, start a new career, or achieve something in life, you should do it today and not keep waiting for that perfect Monday morning to begin something. You should not carry on that mental blockage throughout your life. And if you don’t change your mindset, nothing will change”, she adds.

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