DJ Kawal, A DJ artist breaking all records

Feel the rhythm, move your feet, and let the beats of a DJ artist take you on a musical retreat


When there is an unmeasured spirit within, the obstacles on the way are not worth measuring. DJ KAWAL Or Kawaljeet Singh is the best example of it. Born in Raipur Chhattisgarh, Kawaljit faced all the adverse conditions that one can face to pursue his dream work. From a very small age, he was attracted to music and loved to experiment with it. After growing up to follow the burning desire of his heart he started working in a local club as a DJ player.

After completing college he shifted to Pune to begin his journey toward Music. He got help from his friend DJ NYK. By using a few software and sample libraries they both focused on learning more than earning. After quite some time he learned enough to earn his  name among music lovers. He became quite popular and worked in almost every major club across the country. In 2008 his electronic music made him even more popular and gave him a special identity of his own. In 2011 he got graduated from SAE Mumbai as a sound engineer. DJ Kawal has proved himself to be a phoenix who has been raised from ashes and still flying high to conquer the sky.

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