Dr. Surekha Thacker : A great academician, educationist and writer.

Dr. Surekha Thacker moved to Raipur in the year 2008 and helped in establishing one of the most prominent universities of Chhattisgarh, ITM University, Raipur.

Dr. Surekha Thacker, born on the 13th of June 1950, is still young and going even today and has a life full of accomplishments. With a prolific list of academic achievements to her name she is one of the most sought after leaders in the education field.

“ When I hear I forget , When I read I remember, but when I do I understand.”
– says our birthday woman Dr. Surekha Thacker

Her academic qualifications include, but are not limited to, a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Literature/Sociology/Home Science (RTM Nagpur University,1976); a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication (RTM Nagpur University, 1979); Two masters degrees in Sociology (RTM Nagpur University,1978) and Journalism (Dr. H.S.Gaur University, 2003) and a PhD in Effective Communication Skills from DAVV Indore in 2007. Her Thesis was focused on the use of activities and practical implementation of topics while teaching.⠀ ⠀

Surekha Thacker

Dr. Surekha began her career as a senior newscaster and News Unit Head at the All India Radio – Akashvani Nagpur in the year 1975 and went on to devote 28 years of her life to the job. In 1984 after losing her husband at a very young age, she was the sole breadwinner of the family and raised her two children on her own. It was after the point in life where she had fulfilled her duties as a mother and provided her kids with a secure life that she decided to take the difficult decision of leaving her secure nest and exploring the world around her. She left her secured government job at AIR and in the year 2003 started working in the private sector with the Raisoni Group as the Director of Education in Nagpur. While working there, her potential and leadership qualities did not go unnoticed.She was promoted to the post of Director Corporate HR and PR, where she worked on building the image of the company along with dutifully taking care of her responsibilities as the head of HR. At one of the advisory board meetings of Raisoni Group, she was scouted by Dr. P.V. Ramana as the Vice Chancellor (designated) and later the Founding Vice Chancellor of ITM university in Raipur.

Dr. Surekha moved to Raipur in the year 2008 and helped in establishing one of the most prominent universities of Chhattisgarh, ITM University, Raipur. Wanting to work for an established and up-and-running university , Dr. Surekha applied for the post of Vice-Chancellor at Dr. C V Raman University in Bilaspur – City and was appointed by the then governor of Chhattisgarh ,Mr. Shekhar Dutt. In the year 2015, she got the third big opportunity in her career, when she was offered the position of Vice Chancellor at ADAMAS University in Kolkata. The directors of the university wanted someone with experience in the field and the vision to lead their new and budding university to success and saw Dr. Surekha as the most apt person. It was in ADAMAS University that she motivated the students to realise their potential and the teachers to work towards the betterment of the University.

In the year 2016, she returned home to Raipur owing to some family emergencies, but refused to retire and has been working as a consultant to an upcoming private university since then.

Apart from being a woman with a vision and the ability to lead, Dr. Surekha Thacker is an exceptional writer. She has a published book under the name “Rendezvous”, which is a collection of 16 short stories in December of 2017. She started writing short stories in Hindi , but translated them to English for the Kindle Direct Entry.

Dr. Surekha Thacker
One of her short stories “Introduction” , about an unlikely friendship between a reporter and a child owing to a wrong number, is critically acclaimed and was awarded with the Pt. Ramnarayan Shastri Puraskar. She was also given the Best Writer Award by Lokmat twice and is the holder of the National Akashvani Annual Award (Radio Feature Production) in the year 1983 for her program on Communication of deaf and mute, and again in the year 1986.

Dr.Surekha Thakkar feels that even though her journey has been hard due to the various ups and downs in life, ranging from losing her mother at 18 to the gaps in her education, it has been a good one so far and believes that it will continue to do so.

Kudos to such a great academician, educationist and writer.
May you keep on shining like this forever. We wish you a very Happy Birthday!⠀

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