Dr. Utkarsh Trivedi- Doctor by profession, Politician by passion

This post celebrates the birthday of doctor! @drtrivedishomeopathy
Meet Dr. Utkarsh Trivedi @drutkarsh7 born and brought up in Raipur.

During the pandemic caused due to the novel coronavirus, Dr. Utkarsh has been providing free check up and medications to the people in rural areas.
He has also been distributing free masks and food to the people in need.
He distributes 1000 masks each day. Till now he has supplied masks and food to almost 20,000 people around.

Dr. Utkarsh has also adopted 10 senior citizens who were abandoned by their children, and took the responsibility to provide them proper food and medication.
His first hand on experience and training was with his father, during the early months of 2009.
After that he started his own clinic in the year 2016 keeping in mind the values and knowledge imparted to him by his father.

Dr. Utkarsh believes that every person who is in need should be treated properly. He has often treated his patients free of cost as well and never refused anyone who could not afford the treatment but needed it anyway.
He organized the biggest camp of Chhattisgarh at Ayurvedic College, educating the people of rural about the swine flu and chicken pox and how can they stay safe.

Dr. Utkarsh was awarded for the same campaign by the Chhattisgarh Homeopathic Council.
His future plans include treating as many people in the best way possible and also plans to start his own YouTube channel educating people and keeping them alert. He believes that the first step to any patients recovery is the positivity that they should be surrounded with.

Kudos to such an amazing person, doing such great things. Our society needs more people like you.
We wish you a very Happy Birthday!

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