Dr. Vivek Bhartiya is a prominent health counselor of Raipur. He is the face behind naturopathy hospital, Aarogya Mandir, Nature Cure & Yoga Institute.




Dr. Vivek Bhartiya is a prominent health counselor of Raipur.

He is the face behind the famed naturopathy hospital, Aarogya Mandir, Nature Cure & Yoga Institute.

From a very young age, Dr. Bhartiya had discovered the real wealth of GOOD HEALTH! He inherited this noble thought from his father who always dreamt of being a naturopathy doctor. Because of rough circumstances, he could not pursue his choice and passed it on to his sons Dr. Vivek Bhartiya and Dr. Anand Bhartiya both of who have dedicated their lives to creating a fit India.

Dr. Vivek Bhartiya joined S.D.M. college of naturopathy and yogic sciences in Ujire, Karnataka, and completed his B.N.Y.S. by the year 2001.

Journey of Dr. Vivek Bhartiya

He shifted back to Raipur right after to look after the small-scale O.P.D. setup by his father after his retirement in 1998. Although Dr. Bhartiya was offered jobs from all over the country, he chose to be where his father wished him to be.

Dr. Bhartiya joined the health watch fitness center as a group fitness director and managed the yoga and aerobics sessions every morning and evening. Gradually people started coming for his classes and it ran smoothly for him.

He would also go to and fro to Durg, Nagpur for his job as an assistant professor at Shri Mahavir college of naturopathy and yogic sciences. For two long years, he traveled 110 km every day!

After constantly drubbing what came in between, Dr. Bhartiya constructed his hospital. By him stood his brother and his sister strong as a pillar.

Once the hospital was erected, all the efforts were channeled towards proper working and edifying the services. With more facilities and efficient staff, they started gaining popularity in the city.

They were approached by Ministers, the police department, the electricity board, Mayor, and the media.

In 2010 with the increasing awareness about health, they built the first yoga studio of the state that conducted sessions on power yoga, aerobics, and zumba. Amidst all this work,


Dr. Bhartiya never quit studying.  He completed his post-graduate degree in yoga and later in English from Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur. he also completed his fitness certifications in Aerobics and Zumba.

Today when he has the required resources, Dr. Bhartiya has consolidated them into upliftment of children who lack access to proper education.

He has built an English medium school in a village close to Raipur. The kids are charged a minimal fee of Rs. 100 a month which includes their tuition fee, books, school uniform, and stationery.

The school is well equipped with teachers who are passionate about their profession. More than 60 students are a part of the school as of now.

Dr. Bhartiya plans to expand the school area-wise and class-wise real soon.

His motto is “health for all” and he dreams to raise a society of mentally and physically fit individuals who have had an access to proper education and opportunities.

More power to such inspiring individuals!


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