Know Your Worth – A Motivational Seminar By Kappil Jaswani

A motivational seminar on ‘KNOW YOUR WORTH’ was conducted by Mr. Kappil Jaswani which held at Landmark Hotel, Pandri on 6th of July 2017, Raipur.

A Motivational Seminar By Kappil Jaswani

Want to know the perfect blend for your products?kappil

How a product embraces the value and worth of your work?

How much should one deliver to their customers?

How an individual should discover himself for his growth?

All these questions were answered by Mr. Kappil Jaswani at Hotel Landmark, Pandri on the 6th of July 2k17, where he conducted a motivational seminar on the topic ‘KNOW YOUR WORTH’ by NEXT IDEAS, which acts as an adviser for businesses and individuals to expand their potential.

Mr. Kappil Jaswani, founder of Next Ideas and Co-founder of Steel-mint group is a motivational speaker, who, along with two speakers in attendance of the entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, corporate employees, executives, artists, students, and job seekers, took a mind exaggerating seminar which helped the people know the value of themselves for the growth and development of their businesses.

Also a questionnaire session was held, wherein budding startups asked various questions related to ideas which summed up with the thought,

“One should initiate the idea and prove it, and once it is done, it sells for sure!”

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