Meet Mr. Rahil Chopda: A man with a Brilliant Mind.

Meet Mr. Rahil Chopda , born in Nasik and brought up in Raipur.

Meet Mr. Rahil Chopda @rahilchopda, born in Nasik and brought up in Raipur.
Completed his schooling at one of the best schools in Raipur, Rajkumar College.

After schooling, he aimed to get into an engineering college and so he appeared for the VIT exam in 2017 and scored a rank of 11k, and got into the Institute of Technology, Vellore.

In his first year, he also joined an NGO by the name Lions Club International.
At the age of 21, he was a member of the same club.
As he was already in the technical field, he joined a formula team in his college to explore more about the practical side of engineering apart from all the theories which he studied in the class.

Along with that he also used to attend several workshops and interacted with various companies to get their sponsorship for the events.

Apart from this, Mr. Rahil has had a great experience during his internship program. He worked for a fashion-based startup by the name Woovly, where he worked for almost 1.5 months. It was an e-commerce website for which he worked in the marketing team.

He has worked with several amazing startups for his internship programs and learnt so much while working with them.
Mr. Rahil also went to China for 6 weeks of the training program in 2019, where he interviewed several people and understood their culture and their views on visiting India.

He tells us that it was a great experience talking to people of different age groups and different mindsets.

Mr. Rahil’s future aspiration is all about getting into the practical field of how cars are made, and traveling to different places and his hobbies include hiking, doing his photo shoot, and playing badminton!

Cheers to such an adventurous person!
Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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