Meet nutritional consultant Mrs. Shikha Dhuper

This post celebrates the birthday of a nutritional consultant Mrs. Shikha Dhuper @2020shikha

She did her schooling at Pension Bada, Raipur, and completed her graduation in physiotherapy from VSPM Lata Mangeshkar College, Nagpur, and Pt. Ravishankar Vishwavidyalay, Raipur. She also practiced in hospitals in Raipur as a therapist. ⠀

Mrs. Shikha has been so passionate about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After being professionally trained in SQUATS, she now works as a nutritional consultant in Raipur.⠀
For someone who is a fitness freak, Mrs. Shikha is a great example.⠀

Healthy Mantra helps you systematically reach your health goal. Well-educated and experienced in her field, she can guide you in maintaining good health with a proper diet as a nutrition consultant. ⠀
Mrs. Shikha has kept up with her work with the help of her husband, who is a fitness freak, who always kept her motivated. Her child and husband have been the greatest motivation in her life to helping her achieve success.⠀

Currently, Mrs. Dhuper is a freelancer in diet and workout consultation. She can also guide you on how to lose or gain weight, how to have a proper diet and so much more. ⠀
Till now, Mrs. Shikha has consulted over 200 people and helped them improve their lifestyles, and transformed them completely. ⠀

She goes by the quote: “Fitness is a journey, not a destination”. You can’t attain mental fitness unless you are physically fit and vice versa. ⠀

Kudos to such a great person!⠀
We wish you a very Happy Birthday

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