Meet Smrita Sahu : The Kalakar from Raipur

Smrita did her schooling from Saridaya Vidya mandir and graduation in B.Com from Daga Girls College. She entered this field of Art in 2015.

She since childhood had a thing for art and started working for her hobby while pursuing her graduation. She is right now running her own classes and she has done many exhibitions all over the India and world.

Like every artwork has an inspiration, she gets her inspiration from the emotions and feelings of women.

Smrita Sahu is blessed with such a supportive family. Her family motivated her to enter this field. She had her own obstacles

and she successfully managed to overcome and manage all of them and took a step forward.
Smrita Sahu in her free time also thinks about her work. She just loves her work, she never stops thinking about that.

Above everything, her masterpiece in painting was ‘the oil painting of a girl child’ and in rangoli, ‘the smiling old lady’

Till now she has created more than 25 rangolis and above 40 paintings. She never thought of people knowing her as the tag ‘kalakar’. Whenever she goes somewhere for any visit she is known by the tag ‘kalakar’ and that is what makes her feel proud and important.

Even the name of her brand is Kalakar Art.

The best moment of her life was the time when she created the rangoli of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Marathas were so happy and awarded her with so much appreciation.
Till now she has been awarded around 10 awards and is still on the count.
She loves to stay and live as simply as possible. Simplicity is her key motto.
Smrita Sahu considers her sister as her inspiration, she inspired her the most and supports her the most.
Smrita believes, “One should always decide and aim towards her goal until you get it.”
A big salute to such a great kalakar!
Happy birthday, mam!

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