Nidhi Pudipeddi : ‘Jo Hota hai Woh ache ke liye hota hai’

During lockdown, Nidhi did illustrations. But that hobby turned into an activity from which she is able to earn some extra pocket money.

She is a rising electronic engineer. During her school life, she was able to ace the first position in every exam and is continuing to grab the opportunity of holding the first position in college too.
During the lockdown, she picked up a hobby of doing illustrations.

But that hobby soon turned into an interesting day-to-day activity from which she is able to gather some extra pocket money. She uses this activity as a stress buster.

She gets a lot of appreciation for this but she also takes the criticism positively as this helps her in improving her work and come out more different and in a better way. As she said ‘keep your friends close but your enemies even closer’ this helps her to deal with difficult situations in a positive way as she is able to change her wrong in right.


Nidhi also says that role models are people who do hard work and are more exceptional than others. She also believes that we should choose are role models who are of our age group as they help us evolve in a different way and encourage to push us to do exceptional work.

Nidhi gets emotional due to expectations. According to her, she gets emotional when she is not able to meet her expectations but then she puts all her hard work into achieving her expectations to overcome her emotion.


Nidhi has her own mantra that is ‘Jo Hota hai Woh ache ke liye hota hai’ and she believes and follows this with all her heart. Being an extrovert she has a lot of friends and is very outgoing so this mantra helps her a lot.
We would like to wish the rising engineer and a young artist A Very Happy Belated Birthday!

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