Meet Reena Agrawal- An Instrument Of The Almighty

Reena is a native of Renukoot- a hill station in Uttar Pradesh where she spent her entire childhood in the lap of nature.

This is all that defines the life philosophy of Reena Agrawal– a spiritual personality & reiki healer.

When a believer is undeterred with the firm belief in something, he considers the most important aspect of his life.

Life gets organized around that to boost one for getting through obstacles.

She, later on, attained her graduation degree as B.Com (Honors) from Maharani College, Jaipur. After her marriage with a heart specialist, her learning fervor went on to take her to KOLKATA for a diploma from a finishing school. She has also completed an advanced course in cooking which she regards as her passion.

Her inclination towards spirituality was fueled by the profession of her brother & sister who are reiki healers. It took her to 82-year-old Gurgaon native Mrs. Sukrita Chopra to be her disciple for learning reiki healing. Afterward, she indulged herself in helping people in need of support & guidance through her healing qualities that stretch out to theta waves and angel guidance, pyramid healing for seven chakra synchronization, and much more.

The workaholic Reena says that she is allergic to sitting idly thus with the moral support from her family she without a break goes on & on with her deeply focused attention towards healing & motivating people with energy & power that the almighty has conferred upon her.

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