Sameer Gupta: Motivating millions in music industry

Sameer Gupta’s journey is one that inspires many aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs

Sameer Gupta’s journey is one that inspires many aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs. Born and raised in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, Sameer took the engineering path as his career in his teenage years. However, he was always passionate about music and had been playing the piano from a very young age.

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Sameer’s friends recognized his talent and urged him to pursue a music career in Mumbai, the hub of the music industry. He researched and took admitted to the school of audio engineering, Mumbai college, where he learned sound engineering and Electronic Music Production.

After completing his studies, Sameer moved to different cities for work but eventually settled in Mumbai, where he started working with a club brand as well as a freelancer. It was during this time that Sameer realized the importance of connections and networking in the music industry. He started making connections and considered Nakul Ambilkar known as SEQU3L and Gaurav Malaker are also known as BLOT! as his gurus. Sameer performed at various famous spots in Mumbai. His parents are very supportive of his musical journey.

However, Sameer’s hunger for success and achievement was not yet satisfied, and in 2017, he decided to take his music to an international level by releasing it on the few international record label. His tracks are well supported by a few legendary music producers. Today Sameer’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and on various digital platforms under his Artist name. He is considered one of the good progressive house producers in the electronic music industry.

The lockdown allowed Sameer to explore his hobbies, and he came up with an idea to promote underground music & underground artists from his hometown Raipur. He created an Instagram page called “raipurundergroundcommunity”, which quickly gained popularity among music lovers and helped as well budding artists showcase their talent.

After the lockdown ended, Sameer started participating in many events. Sameer was gaining fame and then finally he founded his own company named “Radiate India” with his partner Apurv Singh Thakur, an artist management & Event agency which is the first house & techno brand in central India. Today, Sameer’s company is central India’s foremost techno brand, and he is a highly decorated person in the music industry.

Sameer’s journey has been full of challenges, but he never gave up. He is having few support systems in his life his parents & few special ones. He is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs who believe that success can only be achieved with hard work, determination, and the right connections. Sameer Gupta’s journey from Raipur to the top of the electronic music industry is a testament to the fact that dreams can be achieved if one has the courage to pursue them.

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