Vinay Jain : His business involves 100% biodegradable

Born and brought up in Raipur. He did graduation with B.Com & Diploma in Fashion Designing. Vinay dropped fashion design due to personal reasons.

Vinay is a businessman from Raipur. His business involves 100% biodegradable products.  Born and brought up in Raipur, he did his graduation from B.Com. , and Diploma in Fashion Designing. He had to drop his fashion design due to personal reasons.

He was aware of the harmful consequences that plastic causes to the environment and that made him start his business, Aurum Chuk.

His business involves everything from packaging to transport as 100% biodegradable. He is contributing towards Green India-Clean India. Initially, he used to work at his father’s mosquito net factory but now has set up his godown for biodegradable products and export to the whole of Chhattisgarh.

Plastic is cheaper than the biodegradable materials that Aurum Chuk’s products are.

Vinay says that now people have realized that plastic is a disaster for the environment and the animals so, even from big restaurants to small cafes, people are preparing to buy biodegradable products.

He likes to spend most of the time with his family and friends.

Vinay looks at his father as an inspiration. He feels blessed that he is doing social work that is contributing towards a better future.

He is a very caring and extroverted person, and he believes that in any situation you should be positive.

You should never get into any fights and never get influenced by people, you think to could be wrong.

He meditates to keep his calm composer.

Happy birthday Vinay sir

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