“With patience and hard work you can achieve anything in life”, – Mohini Singh

A well-established actress working currently in Mumbai, Mohini has been featured in many T.V. shows & Ads. In the recent interview with Reincarnating Raipur, Mohini discussed her journey and revealed a lot about herself.

“With patience and hard work you can achieve anything in life”, says Mohini Singh (@vsmohinisingh), a well-established actress working currently in Mumbai. Mohini has been featured in many T.V. shows & Ads. In the recent interview with Reincarnating Raipur, Mohini discussed her journey and revealed a lot about herself.

Coming from a family with an Army background, she always had a good amount of discipline and determination, in her life. Right after completing her school, she started working just to be financially independent. Along with her B. Com from Vivekanand Mahavidyalaya Raipur, she also worked as an intern editor at Naidunia, as an assistant manager at a restaurant, and also worked as an accountant in a firm. Also after her graduation, she was earning well in Raipur, but couldn’t continue as her dreams were waiting for her. She said, “I was damn sure about my career from the first day, it’s in Mumbai. Ya, Mumbai and I have to be there anyhow. I can’t afford to let it go, I just can’t sacrifice my dream at any cost. And I don’t want to be regretful throughout my life as well. So I took a huge step, left my job, and went straight to Mumbai.” 

At this moment, Mohini proved that her firm ambitions couldn’t be just troubled by a few obstacles. She further added “It was a bit tough during lockdown at Mumbai, with no earning. But I managed anyway. After all, it’s my decision to be here, so I have to deal with it. It’s my decision to opt for an acting career, so I have to crack it.” Undoubtedly this level of dedication is needed for achieving goals, when asked about her profession, she replies gently “I was always fascinated by acting. How this profession offers you to play different characters is what I like the most about it. Many stories & emotions can be conveyed through it. None of the professions give you the liberty to wear different personalities, but in this profession, you can.” 

When asked about her inspiration, she replied “I am a huge fan of Priyanka Chopra Mam, she is my idol. I admire her a lot. She is such a brave and intelligent lady, even after having a smooth career in Bollywood, she tried in Hollywood and succeeded as well.”  

During her initial days in Mumbai, Mohini worked in many T.V. commercials and did various brand photoshoots, but she came into the limelight after featuring on the T.V. serial ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2’, where she portrayed a character named Suman. Her performance was broadly appreciated by the viewers and industry. Mohini shares, “Success doesn’t come overnight, you have to work really hard for it. I attended several acting workshops and took proper training in this skill. Also rehearsed with the director before a shoot when needed. I believe hard work and patience are the most crucial elements in the process of achieving something. I always wanted to live my dreams, and I am happy that I am living it now.” 

She added, “One must have patience, you can’t just desire a thing and achieve it in the next moment, you have to wait for it like a fruit takes time to ripen. You can’t be a doctor, engineer, or any other professional easily, you have to complete their course, also proper training is required for all. Basically, you have to invest your precious time into it, and then you will get the results. To all ambitious people out there, who want to achieve greatness in their life, I just wanted to say, believe in yourself, it’s surely gonna happen one day. Never complain, do hard work, have patience and you will sail through.”

Having a hobby of learning books, is what helps Mohini to maintain a proper work-life balance. “It helps me a lot in releasing stress and recharging myself for work,” she said. When asked about the process of choosing projects, she said “I always try to choose a strong leading character to play. I focus on the quality of work, and give my 1000% in any project.” 

She reveals some of her upcoming projects saying, “A lot more things are there in a queue. I can’t reveal all of them, but you are gonna see me soon in a web series. A few commercials and brand shoots are also there. Furthermore, you are gonna see me featuring in a music album.” 

She manages time out of her busy schedule and tries to reply to the DMs, and comments of her fans over her social media handle. She says “Love and appreciation from fans strengthens me to work hard.” 

On discussing her future plans, she revealed, “I am focusing more on south cinema nowadays, as I want to be a part of some really good projects. Simultaneously, I will be doing music albums and brand endorsements. However, we can’t predict the future but, I look at myself as the finest actress ahead. I want to create my own audience through my quality work.”

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