Zeeshan Ali – the young heartthrob and his journey

His life motto: Whatever you do in your life do it with honesty even if no one is looking. This is “Integrity”


Zeeshan Ali Model
1) Full Name:  Zeeshan Ali
2) Pet name:  Honey
3) Where Were You Born: Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh
4) Where Did You Grow Up: I grew up in my hometown till schooling. After that, I moved to Bhilai for engineering. Post-graduation I have been to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and now finally settled in Mumbai.
5) You Describe Yourself As the guy who never gives up on his dreams.
6) Food weakness: Hyderabadi Chicken biryani and Grill chicken.
7) Favourite Place In India: City of Dreams “Mumbai”
8) c Place Outside India:  Paris.
9) Your Choice Of Comfort Clothing: Basic t-shirt, shirt, denim, and a pair of comfortable sneakers along with a casual hat.
10) Hills Or The Sea: Hills
11) City Or The Wilderness: Wilderness. sometimes its necessary to enjoy solitude to gain inner peace.
Zeeshan Ali Model12) Summer Or Winter: Winter so that I can enjoy being fashionable and have a wonderful sleep as well.
13) Zeeshan clubbing or house party: I am not much of a party person but I will anytime prefer a house party moreover clubbing.
14) Favourite Partying Spot: Opa bar and cafe.
15) Zeeshan Favourite Hangout: Adlabs imagica.
16) Favourite Film: I have a long list of my favorite movies but I will vote for the “Bourne” series.
17) Zeeshan Favourite Clothing Brand: Zara
18) Song You Love Right Now: “Something just like this” by the chainsmokers and Coldplay.
19) Love Is: a beautiful feeling and more than telling someone that you love them, we should express it.

Zeeshan Ali20) Your life motto: Whatever you do in your life do it with honesty even if no one is looking. This is called “Integrity” and that is what is required to achieve success and be happy at the same time from the inside.

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