CG: Bride receives 101 medicinal plants as wedding gift

In this marriage, social worker Prashant Mahto gave 101 plants in dowry to his sister, which includes many fruitful, shady plants.

A marriage took place in the Korba district of Chhattisgarh which was very unique. There was no waste of money in the name of gifts here. Rather the thought was about the balance of the environment. People were also inspired by how they can save the decreasing greenery with their small efforts.

In fact, in this marriage, the bride was sent off with 101 plants. The guests, friends, and relatives who came to this wedding also got a unique gift. Everyone was given fruitful and medicinal plants as return gifts. So that they not only keep the house green but also benefit from the plants.

Unique Wedding In korba brother gave 101 saplings to sister medicinal  plants to guests as return gifts sdmp | एक विवाह ऐसा भी..! भाई ने बहन को  दिया ऐसा गिफ्ट, सैकड़ों साल

This is the marriage of the Mahato family. Nisha, daughter of Chandrabhushan Mahato and Bhuvaneshwari Mahato, residents of Deepika, Korba district, was married to Swatantra Jaiswal, son of Bhagwat Jaiswal and Anita Jaiswal, residents of Balko. In this marriage, social worker Prashant Mahto gave 101 plants as a wedding gift to his sister, which includes many fruitful, shady plants.

This is how the idea came

Prashant Mahto explains that there are many reasons behind this idea, the main of which is trying to connect people emotionally towards climate change and environmental balance. Prashant said that the tradition of giving costly and useless gifts in the marriage ceremony should also be stopped. The gifts that people give, they either keep giving to each other or they become useless at some time. But a plant planted with passion, becoming a tree, will continue to emit oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide for hundreds of years.

Had asked for old books in their marriage

During his marriage in 2017, Prashant Mahato appealed to bring new old books instead of gifts in the card. Prashant is trying to spur this trend through his group Charameti Foundation. Now in many cities, their organization also exchanges saplings in Dashgatra, Chhathi, etc. programs. In April 2018, in the marriage program of his other sister Manisha Mahato, only plants were given as a gift, so far Prashant has given plants at more than 172 marriage functions.

Target to plant 1 lakh saplings in Hasdev

Prashant Mahato told that with the help of social organizations, we will plant 1 lakh saplings in Tarda village on the banks of the Hasdeo river. In the first two phases, 3000 saplings have been planted.

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