Electric Buses to Run in Raipur Soon to Prevent Air Pollution

Raipur Nagar Nigam Raipur Municipal Corporation to start E-buses under its jurisdiction in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. This is a new initiative of Raipur Municipal Corporation to deal with vehicle pollution and ensure proper transport facilities for the public.

Officials said that initially 10 electric buses would be acquired and depending on the feasibility, a decision would be taken to buy more buses. Sunil Kumar Chandravanshi, an additional commissioner of RMC, Commissioner Sunil Kumar Chandravanshi told ANI that 10 e-buses will be purchased to promote electric vehicles under the ambitious plan of the government and a tender has been issued in this regard. Electric buses are currently running in major cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, and others. According to the official, the introduction of these buses will play an important role in reducing the level of pollution caused by vehicles. 

Apart from this, this step will be helpful in restraining the huge expenditure on diesel. To get rid of noise pollution, buses will run completely on electricity. All diesel buses will be replaced with electric buses soon after their successful application.

An RMC official said that 10 electric buses would be purchased at an expense of Rs 12 crore. MIC Member and President of Transport Cell in RMC Ajit Kukreja Transport Cell President Ajit Kukreja said that air pollution due to petrol and diesel will increase manifold in the coming times and everyone is familiar with this serious issue. Apart from this, speed charging stations will also be set up in the city at a cost of about Rs 2 crore.

Ajit Kukreja said that on the lines of the Chandigarh model, the corporation will give buses to the firm from which the vehicles will be purchased, and whatever revenue will be received from the operation of these buses, a fixed revenue royalty will be given to RMC in the form of Fixed Revenue Royalty. In the second phase of this initiative, 40 buses would be purchased, after which the buses running on petrol or diesel would be taken off the road.

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