Janmashtami Celebration in police station of Raipur

Birth of Krishna of Dwapar era in the lockup of Kotwali police station of Raipur

Janmashtami festival is being celebrated in Raipur’s Kotwali police station. This process is going on for the last several years. In the Kotwali police station, a dramatization of the birth of Krishna is performed in the Dwapar era. In which the uniformed also play their role in it.

Janmashtami in Raipur

Chhattisgarh News | Jail is being built lockup of Kotwali police station,  programs will be held on Janmashtami at 12 o'clock in the night | कोतवाली  थाने का लॉकअप बन रहा कारागार,

The festival of Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated with pomp across the country on 19 August. Somewhere Kanha’s birthday will be celebrated by cutting the cake, and in some places, the idol of Lord Shri Krishna will be enshrined. But ETV India is going to tell about a unique tradition of celebrating Shri Krishna Janmashtami in the capital Raipur. Balkrishna is also born in the prison. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated in Kotwali police station of Raipur in a similar way. Lord Krishna is born in the lockup of the police station. This tradition has been going on for the last few years.

Vasudev will leave the lockup with Kanha in the basket:

The lights of Kotwali police station are switched off at exactly midnight on the night of Janmashtami. The lockup is completely darkened. Two uniformed constables wearing khaki suddenly fall asleep. In the same way, Kansa’s watchmen suddenly fell asleep after the birth of God. After this, in the Dwapar Yuga, the way Vasudev carries him on his head from the prison to Nanda’s house after the birth of Lord Krishna. In the same way, here also Vasudev will go from the lockup to the Gopal Mandir at Sri Sadar Bazar. Will give darshan to Krishna

Vasudev and Devaki will be seen chained in fetters: On this special day, when Lord Shri Krishna will be born in Kotwali police station, Raipur Vasudev and his wife will be seen chained in fetters just like that. Like it happened in Dwapar Yuga. This entire event is organized by Shri Krishna Janmashtami Utsav Samiti. For this, the members of the committee appear in the roles of Vasudev and Devaki. The special thing is that this time Kansa’s character will also be seen. Earlier there was no character of Kansa.

When and how did it start:

Madhav Lal Yadav, president of Shri Krishna Janmotsav Samiti said, “About 6 years ago we (the then Home Minister and Jail Department) had gone there and requested to celebrate Krishna’s birth anniversary on the same lines as Lord Shri Krishna was born in the prison. Our committee requested this. After that, we got permission from the police department to organize the event at City Kotwali. Committee members Hemlata Devki and her husband Sunil will play the role of Vasudev. They will be [dressed up the same. As in the Dwapar era, Devaki and Vasudev were dressed in costumes. They will also be handcuffed.

The lights of the prison house will be turned off. This time we are also getting the character of Kansa played. Two soldiers will act unconscious and at exactly midnight in the night God will Birth will take place. This whole scene will be seen. After that, keeping God in a basket, Vasudev will leave the City Kotwali police station and go to the famous Gopal temple. Where he will give darshan to the devotees. To my knowledge, Krishna is born in the Kotwali police station of Raipur itself. There is no information about such a program in any other police station.

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