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Here is my secret recipe for two of my best dishes, good to the tummy and of course very yummy

Recipe by Mrs. Kanika Agrawal

Coin Pizza is one of my heartfelt innovations which is mouth-watering. My sons loved these 2 dishes. They taste yummy, once they said,

“MOM AISA PIZZA BANAO JO SIDHE EK BAAR MEIN MUH MEIN CHALE JAYE”. Then struck the idea of coin pizza. The recipe is my innovation and mouth-wateringly delicious. It is easy to make and quick. Like, “HUKUM MERE AAKA” and the food is ready to serve.

Less effort and more taste is my idea of being a good cook. In addition, I concentrate on health plus taste. A good recipe must look forward to what nutrition is served along with a fabulous taste.

Here is my secret recipe for two of my best dishes, good to the tummy and of course very yummy



1) Onion

2) Capsicum, Olives, Corn, Baby Com, All Optional

3) Cheese

4) Pizza Sauce

5) Chilli Flakes

6) Oregano

7) Fresh Coin Pizza Base:

(Preparation time 15 minutes)

Method: – Take a pan. Put ½ tablespoon oil. Put some roughly chopped onion, capsicum, and corn. Let it cook for some time till they soften. Then put all the other above ingredients(seasonings). Next, apply the pizza sauce to the coin pizza base and the above-prepared mixture. Grate cheese on the top, bake it for a while and your yummy delicious dish is ready to be served!

Moving to my second secret recipe of yummy delicious fruit pudding. When I prepared it for the first time, again it was for my boys and their friends, they were like OH WOW! That started everyone lining up to try it. And the reaction still was like WOAH! Again, as said earlier a healthy yet tasty recipe for your sweet cravings. Too good, easy to fix and everyone has loved it!




1) Multiple fruits of your choice like apples, cherries, strawberries pomegranates, papaya, pineapple, grapes, etc.

2) Icecream

3) Bread or any type of biscuits

4) Red jelly

5) Twisters or sprinklers for decor.

(Preparation time 15 minutes)

METHOD: – Put layers of ice cream and mix fruit alternately in a serving glass. Put bread/biscuits in between ice cream and fruits and you are done. Extremely simple to prepare, too yummy!

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