What first drew us to the founders of UV Pure, Gaurav Agrawal and Ashish Harlalka was their description of Innovations by Indian Industries

What first drew us to the founders of UV Pure, Gaurav Agrawal and Ashish Harlalka was their description of Innovations by Indian Industries to fight COVID-19. Having pursued a career in software engineering in Hyderabad Gaurav Agrawal is now settled in Raipur as a successful businessman and a young and innovative entrepreneur Chhattisgarh looks up to. Ashish Hartalka, a die-hard entrepreneur at heart, this young businessman is helping people observe the intricacies of entrepreneurship, what it takes to be a leader, and in general, helping people dispel the myths of businesses.

The Story

The two young entrepreneurs have achieved another feat in the fight against Corona Virus. They have come up with a corona killer box that will sanitize all essential commodities that are brought into homes from outside vegetables fruits, sugar, milk, pulses, mobiles, currency notes masks, PPE kits, keys, etc. All those products can be sanitized in the box within minutes. Ultraviolet rays released in this box can kill the bacteria and viruses in objects within minutes. The sponsor-based box also has an alarm that can be set for a specified period.

The young entrepreneurs said. This box has several ultraviolet lights with a wavelength range between 240 and 260 nanometers. It takes 10 minutes to sanitize anything put in the box. The product is also designed in such a way that every square centimeter of an object placed inside is completely sanitized, helping it stand out from standard UV technologies“.

They said that one must not put their hand in the box while the lights are on. This is a safety requirement as human skin is very sensitive to UV rays. They have fitted the box with sensors that turn off the lights when the basis accidentally opened, Ideas are responsible for the progression and prosperity of humans-without them, we would still be living in the stone age. No idea is too small and all sorts of ideas have the potential to change the world as we know it for the better.

The idea

On how the idea came to them, they said that the potential carriers of the virus cannot be identified easily, can not be washed manually all the time and most importantly all the reusable items like masks and PPE kits can not be thrown after use. Thus, a device was needed to sterilize all such items. The big idea which would soon prove to be a boon to mankind came out of a video on Youtube. The innovative heads have also mentioned that the UV rays are extremely safe, as it does not hamper any nutritional values of the edible items and the technology is certified by the FDI back in 2004.

The innovative CORONA disinfect BOX can be used at multiple places such as Police stations, hospitals, government offices, salons, banks, warehouses, domestic households, and more. This would become a part of the lifestyle soon. It is a

A great way of life to have as many sanitized items around you.

The young business throbs have conducted all the research and development in an extremely short duration of 27 days. Currently, the firm is manufacturing 50 boxes a day and soon would be increasing the capacity to 200 boxes a day.

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