Cleantech: From a humble beginning to a successful enterprise

The years of cleantech services and clean technology: Mr. ANIRUDH JUVEKAR & Mrs. VASUNDHARA JUVEKAR.

In June 2020 Anirudh and Vasundhara, humble founders of Cleantech services, one of Chhattisgarh’s most trusted and most respected business groups, speaking of their legacy, said:

I do not know how people will judge me, but let me say that I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to transform Clean Tech from a not-so-worthy concern to an institutional enterprise. It would, therefore, be a mark of failure on my part where pre-Anirudh epitomizes the group’s success. What has done is establish growth mechanisms, play down individuals and play up the b that has made the firm. I, for one, am not the kind who loves dwelling on the I. If people remember me at all, hope it will be for this transformation.

Chhattisgarh crowd is indeed likely to remember him for the remarkable transformation (Exhibit 2) of the housekeeping services from a slow, bureaucratic, domestic market-focused, a loosely connected agglomerate of businesses functioning under the Juvekar umbrella into an ambitious, integrated business house that realized over its revenues from different markers (hospital retail marks, small, hotel governance, etc.)

Not only did he manage to hold the group together, but he also grew the employment from 2 to 2000 in numbers.

What Mr. And Mrs. Juvekar have done in more than wn decades as the Founders of Cleantech is to institutionalize the group ethos, which is much more significant today than in the days of old.

We should not underestimate the immense difficulty he must have gone through to bring about this huge success. Since the whole business is to manage human resources, we can think of all the hardships associated.

Major challenges like unhealthy competition due to which they have to work even with the lowest of margins Acceptability of new technologies, decorum maintenance such as uniforms are very challenging for the class 3 and class workers One more and the most challenging job is to provide training to all the workers accounting in the different actors since every sector hospital/commercial retail chains/government places environmental services) is completely different and needs different services. Although the most important first steps have been taken ill date, there are still many mountains in the clink


  1. 1998-housekeeping project of Jaistambh Chowk situated SBI, and now serving 298 branches of SBI across Chhattisgarh.
  2. 2000 housekeeping services of the ministry of Chhattisgarh government.
  3. Then associated with All India Insurance company and Vidhan Sabha.
  4. 2004-associated with Ram Krishna hospital and served them successfully for 15 years.
  5. 2007-associated with Balaji Hospital, BSR hospital, and then Jindal hospital Raigarh in the hospital sector. Since the retail market(mall) emerged in the capital city of Chhattisgarh, they got their city center mall as the clients to serve.
  6. 2010-magneto mall associated with Clean Tech and parallelly the malls got the reach of Bilaspur city and so the services of Clean Tech excelled.
  7. 2013- successfully served MMI hospital for 6 years.
  8. Cleantech serving the 54-government inherited DAV school of Chhattisgarh.
  9. 24 Railway Stations under the services of Cleantech.
  10. Serving the International institute of Pilot training in India. The whole nation is under threat of COVID-19. Thus, they came forward to sanitize all 28 Police Stations of Raipur twice, to ensure the efficient working of the Raipur Police. They even sanitized the religious places and community halls on their own as their responsibility toward the general public.

The couple has donated self-sanitizing machines to all the Police stations of Raipur as well.

They also confessed how the two became lovers. Mrs. Juvekar cited, “Our story returns 20 years. I would prefer not to sound vintage yet going back to those days in Chhattisgarh was an alternate affair or maybe we were both just to a great degree moderate and bashful. The two of us met through a house-building advertisement. For an amazing part, our marriage cost around 40INR, and was a completely arranged marriage”.

They concluded by stating, they are more inclined toward environmental services like solid waste management. And rapidly moving towards water treatment plants (ETP, STP, WTP). They were active parts of all the major events happenings in Chhattisgarh. They have turned events like KBC, IPL Champions League, Preceding officers conference, Airport Inauguration by Dr. Pranav Mukherjee, the arrival of honorable President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Yuva Mahotsav (2016-2017), etc. all a huge success by their extraordinary services.

I expect the Clean Tech to be much bigger, of course, than it is now. More importantly, I hope the group comes to be regarded as being the best in our state, best in the way they operate, best in the services they deliver, and best in their value systems.

Article by Mr. Anirudh and Mrs. Vasundhara Juvekar

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