Dolly Ankit Parakh : An Interior Designer born and bought up in Raipur

Dolly was born in Raipur in a Joint Marwadi family. Being born as the 5th child after 4 sons, she got a lot of pampering in her house.

“Don’t get impacted by people’s unasked opinions,” says our birthday girl, Dolly Ankit Parakh.

She was born and brought up in Raipur in a Joint Marwadi family. Being born as the fifth child after four sons, she was subject to a lot of pampering in her house.

She wanted to go to Banglore for her graduation in B.Com, but as she is a very homesick person, she did it from Raipur instead.

She used to work with his father and uncle in their clothing factory and boutique since she was a child.

Dolly also had an interest in Interior Designing, and since the market for interior designers was boosting up, she chose the field to become her profession.

Dolly did ID Diploma from NIFD and then went to Banglore did one more course for ID.

She got married at a very early age and became a mother at the age of 23. When people see her managing a kid at such an early age, they get inspired by her.

Her husband is very caring and supportive. He takes equal responsibility for their daughter and helps her with all the chores.

People are very pessimistic about her going back into the professional world. But her husband keeps researching things for her to do that she’ll be comfortable doing.

Dolly is planning to get back to work as soon as she is ready. She would like to do something in fashion and artistry involving toddlers and mothers.

Interior Designer

Dolly is very religious and likes to hear the stories and legends in Jainism very much. Her mother and aunt (Chachi) are her inspiration. Both are entrepreneurs and are very influential.

She says that they both have separate lives other than the family, their own identity, which inspires her a lot.

She says she got a lot of criticism but never minded what people said because she loves her mother and no other thing mattered to her much.

There are lots of responsibilities that come along with being a mother, but that is a heavenly feeling.

Team Gr8Pandy wishes Dolly a wonderfully happy birthday and a healthy and prosperous life!✨

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