Monit Jain : owner of a fashion outlet *Bitiya* in Raipur

Monit Jain – Born in Nagri and then shifted to Raipur. He says, “Work for your dream, fight with obstacles and go for it,”.

Born in Nagri and then shifted to Raipur at the age of 5. He then did his post-graduation in MBA along with assisting his father’s real estate business. He always had an interest in the fashion field, but since his business, he had to drop his plan for 1.5 years.

After that, when he realised that he would not be able to continue the real estate business, he started his fashion outlet in Pandri called Bitiya which also has customized outfits.

It’s been five years that he has been successfully running his business of customisation and retail of women fashion. He is a self-taught fashion artist and went to cities like Delhi, Kolkata for making contacts and purchasing.

He was very scared when he was starting his business because of a lack of experience and being from a different field of education. But when he made quality out of his investment, he is very proud of himself.

He also has judged various fashion shows in Bhilai and Raipur and takes part in exhibitions. He is part of Helping Hands, an NGO, which organises blood donation campaigns and also helps old age people.


They also have distributed glucose bottles and umbrellas to Traffic Police in summer and have a WhatsApp group in which you can tell which blood group blood is required and where, and they then go to donate blood if it matches theirs. He also won the award for Garba Championship.


His parents and his wife always supported him, and they are also his inspiration. Family and friends always come first for him. Monit likes watching movies and travelling.

Team Gr8 pandy wishes Monit a very Happy Birthday.✨

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