Founder and owner of e-commerce Clinkerz: Mr. Sandeep Ram

Meet Mr. Sandeep Ram @blahblahsandy, founder and owner of an e-commerce website by the name @clinkerz_

Mr. Sandeep completed his graduation from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. After completing his graduation, he started his corporate journey at GE for almost a decade.
Like everyone, Mr. Sandeep also wanted to start something of his own therefore he first ventured into corporate consultancy and eventually got into the pharma industry as well.

After working for some time with these two ventures, Mr. Sandeep subsequently quit both as he wanted to start something which made an impact on society, on nature.
Mr. Sandeep has always appreciated the givings of nature and his next venture was a way to give something back to nature even if it’s the smallest way possible.

His current e-commerce venture which goes by the name “Clinkerz” is all about upcycling discarded wine bottles into beautifully crafted home decor lamps. For Mr. Ram, this is a way to protect nature more and more from his side.
He is on the path of upcycling more waste products into impeccably finished goods.
The entire idea behind this project is to reduce the landfills and create a sense of consciousness among buyers.
The products under Clinkerz include various bottle arts like Motivational, Birthday, Anniversary, Customized and so much more.

Apart from this, Mr. Sandeep loves reading and learning some other things in any way possible. He also loves traveling and exploring various places.

Kudos to a genuine person in and out!
We wish you a very Happy Birthday!
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