Meet Jay Virani : A singer from Kolkata

Jay Shifted to Raipur in 2008 when his father got a transfer. He studied in Salem English School. After his schooling, he started to pursue CA.

His friends always used to compliment Jay for his voice and singing skills, but he never actually focused on it because he was giving all his time studying for CA.

In 2017, he announced to his parents that he wants to pursue his passion for singing.



This realization hit him when he sang at Level 3 Cafe, the time he was doing his Articleship.

That was unsatisfactory for them because of such less scope for singers nowadays.

But when they realized that I am doing well in my singing career and that it is making me happy, they started being supportive.
He is the lead singer in a band, formed two years ago, and they have been the showstopper in The Local, Raipur since then.

He says that the best moment while performing is when the audience sings along with him.

The happiest moment in his life was when his family, in 2018, came to watch him perform for the first time.

The band now has clients all over Chhattisgarh and had a show at Pune as well.
Jay usually has a busy schedule in the winters with about 20-25 shows per month.

And in other seasons, it comes down to 15-18 shows per month. In short, he is doing well in his career as a singer.

Other than his singing career, he opened a cafe last year along with his two other friends, that they had to shut down because of Covid-19.

His parents are his inspiration. Jay has seen their struggles, and they have taught them to follow their passion because one day that will bring you success.
Happy birthday sir

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