Meet Mansi Dodani : An Interior designer from Raipur

She did an advanced diploma in interior designing simultaneously for 2 years and then in 2019, she went to Mumbai to search for a job in KNS

She then got a job in KNS Mumbai, and she says that it was the happiest moment in her life, because she got that job in KNS without any reference in a new city.

She found, to find a job, house, and find a living in Mumbai, the most struggling moment in her life. But the experience she gained and working in KNS change her life. She got a project to design a hospital, which was a big thing for her, and then before she even finished it, she got two more. Gradually in eight months, she has done about ten projects, a few more are in process. She now owns a firm named NR Interiors.

She is an artist since childhood and is also a good sketch artist, which aspired her to become a designer. Though her parents wanted her to become a CA, she persuaded her parents to do interior designing. When they found that she’ll do good as an Interior Designer, they started supporting her even more.

She says that her parents are her inspiration and a source of motivation as well, and loves spending time with them. She likes to spend her time watching series and movies whenever she gets free from her work.


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