Meet Sneha Desai : CS, Interior Designer, and an artist.

A CS who was Born in Amravati, she grew up in Raipur. Her whole family has an artistic background and does she also has those genes in her.

She is good academically as well. She has always been an artist and also did CS for a degree and diploma in Interior Designing.

Sneha has a gifted solutions venture which she started in 2016 and considers it as her baby.

Other than all of this, she also makes handmade beauty products and customized soaps.

Completed her Interior Designing diploma and degree in CS at the same time. That was a big thing, and that made her parents very proud. She also considers this as her significant achievement and the happiest moment of her life.

Sneha does all three things at the same time, and she is not considering giving up on either of them. She always looks forward to expanding her gifting solution venture and trying to bring new things into it.

Her dad is her inspiration, and she likes to spend her time with her family a lot. She thinks that the present is what we should look at, and being with family gives her motivation.
Happy birthday, mam!


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