Swapna Singh : An inspirational being! born in Baitalpur, from Raipur

Swapna did schooling at Salem School & graduated in pharmacy from Columbia Institute master from TIT College of Pharmacy.

Swapna is right now working as an Assistant professor in the same field she did graduation from. She entered the field of Pharmacy because of her extravagant interest in the medical field and she always had a thing for it.

She considers her mother as her inspiration and her mother is also a teacher and that is the reason she entered the field of teaching.
In her spare time, you’ll find Swapna reading books, exploring around, and cooking different things is something that makes her happy.

Exploring the kitchen is her thing.

She is such a charismatic woman with an extroverted personality. She can make anyone happy within a second.

During her entire journey, she always found her family by her side, and at every stage, she made many friends and she believes in having as many people as possible around her.

We salute this personality
Happy Birthday Swapna Ma’am

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