Anubhooti Khanna – The Girl with World on her Nails..!

Ms. Anubhooti Khanna. – Nail art is a unique way of expressing, says the only internationally certified nail artist of Chhattisgarh

Nail art is a unique way of expressing one’s feminine side, says the first and the only internationally certified nail art professional of Chhattisgarh Ms. Anubhooti Khanna.

Hairs, skin, make-up, attire, and accessories are the major concerns of every modern woman these days. But a small yet significant part of our body to which any woman desiring a well-groomed look, cannot ignore is nails. This is the reason why filing and painting nails is an important part of the beauty regimen for most women. Some apply colors to their nails just to make their hands look good, while for others experimenting with glittery nail colors is more of a hobby, a way to add glamour quotient to their personality. And then there is another breed of girls who go an extra mile to decorate their nails and turn their nails into a canvas. For these breeds of girls, painting nails isn’t a mundane chorus instead it is an intricate art.

Nail Art

At the age of 23, this young lady is successfully running her own nail art studio- Mesmerizing Nails. She has loyal clients from all over the state and a huge fan following across the world. International brands count on Anubhooti for reviewing their products. In response to the question of how and when this journey of becoming a nail artist began, Anubhuti recalled her childhood memory of watching her mother applying colors on her beautiful long nails.

As a child she was amazed to see how adding a tint of color to nails can make one’s hands look so delicate and elegant. Once she found a product named nail art pen in a local shop, and that’s how she was introduced to the term nail art. Being a curious soul, she started searching for information about nail art on the internet. She discovered that nail art is already a fashion trend in countries like US and UK, but in India, at that time this modern art had just arrived. She read and followed the blogs of nail art professionals from all over the world and she even began to practice nail art at home with her paintbrushes and nail art pen. Soon she started creating her own designs, and at the young age of 19, she started her own blog where she showcased her experiments with nail art designs. Soon her fan following grew and she started exchanging nail art design ideas with professionals of other countries. And back at home, she was already enjoying the admiration of her friends and family for her unique style of decorating nails on various occasions. Soon her hobby turned into a passion and she realized that she wants to become a professional nail artist. But as there were no good institutes in the state to teach this art on an advanced level, she had to go all the way to Gurgaon to pursue the course in nail art. Being an introvert, she was initially reluctant of the idea of moving to a new city but with the support and encouragement of her family and friends, she eventually came out of her shell to take a flight towards her goal. Shivani Sharma, Managing Director of Lure nails, who has been my mentor, encourager, and great supporter who believed and motivated me more than I believed in myself, says Anubhooti.


Slowly and steadily Anubhooti carved out her own path towards her unconventional goals in life. She eventually proved her mettle and polished her skills to the extent that she was awarded the best student of the year award in the international seminar of nail art organized by Lure Nail Institute, at hands of to Founder and CEO of top brand Cuccio International Toni Cuccio and Education-Sales Director Cuccio Asia Jacqueline Yeung. And after that, there was no looking for Anubhooti, as she had already begun to gain recognition across the world. Her works have been featured in a number of national and international magazines and newspapers. Anubhooti is known for creating nail art designs inspired by current issues, festivals, nature, and anything that tickles her imagination. Presently Anubh00ti is running her own nail art studio in Raipur, where she helps girls and women to create their unique style statement through her creative nail art designs. Anubhooti opines that nails are an important part of one’s appearance. Often girls focus on beautifying their faces and tend to neglect the grooming of hands and nails. She says nail art looks way better on hands with smooth skin and healthy nails.

Nail Art Technique

Anubh00ti is an expert in creating a wide range of 2D and 3D designs with different combinations of colors, textures, nail jewelry, nail extensions, patterns, and effects using gel and acrylics. Her art has become an expression of her imagination. She is planning to set up her own nail art institute in the city to provide quality training and knowledge to the youngsters interested in becoming professional nail artists. Anubhooti is a perfect example of how the support and encouragement of family and friends can empower you to chase your dream, no matter how unconventional it is, and how one’s willpower, dedication, and hard work can manifest the dreams into reality.

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