Divyangs of Jashpur create decorative items for Christmas

The district skill development authority is providing free cost skill development training, and helping them to gain proficiency in various skills.

The divyangs of Jashpur are creating decorative items for Christmas. The state government through the District Skill Development Authority is providing free training to them. Also, it is making them proficient in various arts. The aim is to make the disabled self-reliant and provide them with employment opportunities. Enhancing their skills, the district’s persons with disabilities have acquired expertise in making gorgeous-looking bags and decorative items among the other beautiful products.

The district skill development authority is providing free cost skill development training to help them to gain proficiency in various skills. These skills will not only boost their confidence but will also provide an opportunity to lead a self-reliant life ahead.


With training, persons with disability in the district are now creating attractive pearl handbags, bracelets, and essential home décor items.

Jashpur's Divyangs Prepare For Christmas Fairs | Raipur News - Times of  India

The group initially began with manufacturing LED bulbs, emergency lights, sound boxes, and tea bulbs, for which they were trained as well. This group made a profit of up to 1.5 lakh from the sale of electronic products this year.

To increase their income, this group is expanding its skill horizon through training and preparing other products.

“These handmade items will be showcased during Christmas and New Year celebrations at fairs. This will surely help them to sell the products in a good and fair amount, and provide social and economic upliftment,” said the skill development authority official. He added that on Christmas and New Year, attractive products prepared by the group will be available for sale.

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Chhattisgarh’s first Divyang Mahavidyalaya is in Mana Camp of Raipur. This place has become a center for persons with disabilities to study, arts and sharpen their skills.

The state government has formulated schemes for its citizens with disabilities, which includes the Divyang Mahavidyalaya offering graduate-level courses, becoming the first college to offer degrees to persons with disability. The college teaches various co-curricular skills as well. With their skill, these Divyang have not only left behind their physical deficiency but have also made a respectable place for themselves in society.

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