Shruti Farmania Agrawal : HR & a part of *The Round Table India*

“Women should be provided equal roles and responsibilities even when they are in their family businesses,” say Shruti Agrawal.

After graduating as an engineer from Manipal University and post-graduation from IMI, New Delhi, Shruti saw the cut-throat competition and different experiences when she shifted from central India to North India.

Shruti was very acting in managing groups and clubs while she was in a boarding school in her senior middle school and thus, she shifted from engineering to post-graduation in sales and marketing which is different from others doing MBA after engineering.

She says that studying engineering and then shifting her field broadened her horizons as she understands the technical part of marketing. That has helped her a lot in widening her career options as well.

Human Resource Manager in her family business


She shifted to Raipur after her marriage three years ago, and right now is a part housewife and part HR and procurement manager in her husband’s family business of pre-engineered buildings.

Shruti says that when you are in a metro city, you are into corporate practice. They have a lot of exposure to all kinds of business.

For Raipur to reach up to the corporate level of the metro cities will take a minimum part of 5 years.

Shruti is part of the Round Table India, which is a non-profit organisation. Who looks over the underprivileged sector of society and help them. However, they can, either through education, donation, etc.

A part of the ladies circle of this organisation. She considers it as a means of socialising as well as her doing charity altogether. She is also a writer and likes to share her interests with her group.

Shruti says that you need to focus on one thing that you are serious about. pursue that with full zeal. You should not get confused about the goals.

Shruti wishes that her family business flourish and for women to get more opportunities in cities like Raipur.

Team Gr8 Pandy wishes Shruti Agrawal a belated Happy Birthday and lots of success and happiness in her life.

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