Ajitesh Bhattacharya: Event Manager by profession and cricketer by heart.

Mr. Ajitesh Bhattacharya has played cricket professionally since the age of 10. He did Event Management from Pune and is working for 8 years.

Ajitesh Bhattacharya has been a sportsperson since childhood & Event Manager by profession He played cricket professionally since the age of 10. Other than that, he played football nationally and took part in state-level competitions in swimming, table tennis, and athletics.



Since there was no stability of cricket as a profession in Chhattisgarh, he went to Madhya Pradesh for selections. It was a tough process as MP already had their players as well.

He went to play at Ganguly Academy in Kolkata too.

When he found this, he thought of doing Event Management.

After studying for a few years in Disha College, where he was a sports captain he went to the National Institute of Event Management in Pune for his graduation and post-graduation.

He also got a scholarship for an international diploma from a university in South Australia which only ten students out of 200 received.

He is working as an Event Manager for 8 years now with a Pune-based global company called Sphinx, as a senior manager in marketing and business development, and handles the north region (Delhi, Gurgaon, and Jaipur) for corporate events.

Ajitesh did a blood donation camp with Salman Khan. He describes it as the best moment of his Event Managing Career.

Other than all of this, he likes singing and used to do sketching and drawing as well.

He has a limited number of friends as he likes to confine to them only, and most of them are still into sports.

Though he dreamt to play for India as a cricketer someday, he admires what he is doing now.

Happy birthday to this great personality.

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