Pooja Kaur: An Interior Designer, also has a Youtube Channel for vastu tips

She was born in Raigarh and did her interior design from DSIFD Raipur. After completeting the course, it’s been 5 years since she is working.

She was born in Raigarh and did her whole education in Raipur. She did her graduation from Pt. Harishankar University and after that, she did her interior designing from DSIFD.

After completing her course, she even started working there, and it’s been five years since she is working there.

She started a company that provides clients with Vastu consultancy and interior consultancy.

She thought about doing ID when she saw a student of ID working dedicatedly and making things so beautifully that made her make a quick decision that she wants to do it too.

She had to do multi-tasking the whole week (except Sunday) with just 3-4 hours of sleep and describes her journey of studying interior design like a roller coaster.

She completed her course in the year 2018. And in 2019 she started her firm.

pooja kaur chawlaThe two best moments of her life were when she was awarded as the ‘outstanding performer of the year’ in her office and second when she got her ID certification.

She achieved a lot in a short period. She says “I wished for things and it kept happening” and the last four years feel like a dream to her and all happened with the support of her family.

She likes to spend her Sundays with family, and any small gesture by someone gives her a lot of happiness.

Her inspiration is her father. He always encouraged her.

My Sir, Shekhar Jain is like a mentor to me, who taught me to do multi-tasking and working.

‘Challenges comes in your life to make you grow’ is her motto of life as whenever she faced any hardship, it took her to a higher level of growth.

Also, she believes you should never stay in your comfort zone for a long time.

Pooja also has a youtube channel where she gives Vastu tips and their benefits.  She loves to make people smile.

Happy Birthday.

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