Meenakshi Tuteja – Renowned Business Woman & Her Journey!

Meenakshi Tuteja is an inspiration for any woman, who is self-doubting her potential or thinking of giving up on her dreams

Meenakshi Tuteja is an inspiration for many women, who are self-doubting their potential or thinking of giving up on their dreams surrendering to the difficulties. The road to success never goes smooth.

Positive Attitude and Good Intentions Attract Divine Intervention.

Her undying faith in her abilities, her spiritual strength, and her determination to defy all odds are the superpowers that have made this lady one of the most successful women in business. She is one of the most popular socialites in town and a leading brand in the beauty industry.


Every person, who desires to pursue his/her dreams, has to go through his/her own set of challenges and difficulties to prove the mettle.

Meenakshi Tuteja too didn’t have it easy.

Who would imagine that the owner of a leading beauty salon in town was once a simple docile girl?

Meenakshi was born and brought up in a traditional Marwari joint family of Bilaspur, where the idea of women going out to work and earn was a serious no-no.

The norms of male-dominated society always made her wonder what is so special about male members of the family that earned them such special treatment and respect from their female counterparts.

And as a teenager, she figured out that the earning capacity of men in the family is what makes them be treated special, for women are always financially dependent on them.

This thought had a strong impact on her young impressionable mind. And she started aspiring to become financially independent.

Every time she used to meet any working woman, be it her teachers, her doctor, or any other women professional, she used to wonder how these ladies manage to juggle between their domestic and professional responsibilities, how does it feel to be so financially independent.

As she grew up, her desire to make her own identity grew stronger.
Meenakshi was very creative as a child.

She was a fast learner and very proactive in implementing her idea.

Once she got to know about a hobby class in the neighborhood, where a lady was teaching how to make decorative items.

The idea of starting a hobby class at home appealed to her so much that she rushed to her mother and asked for permission to start a craft class at home.

After initial resistance, she managed to convince and get permission from her elders, and they began her journey towards self-dependence.

She borrowed Rs 50 from her mother and managed to publish an advertisement for her hobby class in a local newspaper.

Soon she was training room full of ladies in the craft of making decorative items.

Meenakshi says that her mother has been a great support in every decision of her life.
After she completed her post-graduation, she got a job in Pendra Road.

But as she was expecting, her father dismissed the idea of her daughter traveling all the way to another place for working and earning money.

Meenakshi’s faith in her abilities and her determination to achieve her goal was so strong that she once again convinced her father and went all the way to Pendra Road to work as a teacher.
Meanwhile, her father started looking for marriage proposals for her.

But the heavy dowry demands and unnecessary domination from the prospective groom’s family made her cringe.

She straightway refused to marry anyone who is in greed of heavy dowry. Meanwhile, she met Mr. Tuteja, who was a Punjabi.

Coming from two different communities, they have an adventurous love story of their own. 

Her understanding and super supportive husband gave wings to Meenakshi’s ambition.

She continued her professional life until the responsibility of two children made her take a pause from it. But that break didn’t last long.

She soon registered for a beautician course in 1996 on her husband’s advice and pursued it with full dedication despite the domestic responsibilities. And as soon as she finished the course she decided to set up her own salon in Raipur.

Though she was asked to take time before making such an investment, she was determined to implement her idea while her enthusiasm and interest were still afresh.

And that is how her first parlor in Raipur city was established.

Meenakshi never brought any prejudices to work. Whether it was eyebrow threading or giving a pedicure to a client, she did her job tirelessly.

And what started with a small beauty parlor and a few staff members, has now become a chain of unisex beauty salons in town.

She gives the entire credit of her success to her spiritual gurus, who guided her to stay positive and share love, her family members who supported her in all her decisions, her children who have become her helping hands, her employees for their loyalty and sincerity in delivering the best quality services and her clients who have shown so much faith and confidence in her.

But for anyone who knows her personally, knows that her down-to-earth attitude, her courteous behavior, her spiritual strength, her ability to get along with people, her feminine grace, and unmatchable confidence are the qualities that make people look forward to associating with her.

There are three branches of Meenakshi Beauty Salons in Raipur, one in Bhilai and one in Bilaspur. Her son is already helping her manage the salons, while her daughter is known for her expertise in doing bridal make-up. Amid all her personal and professional responsibilities, Meenakshi manages to stay healthy inside out also maintain an active social life.

She strongly believes that gratitude and forgiveness are the two gestures that can help one achieve inner peace.

Her day starts with meditation and reciting of affirmations and ends with self-evaluation of where the day was spent.

Meenakshi Tuteja is of the opinion that age is just a number, one should always be open to learning and have child-like curiosity towards the world, as the receptiveness to change learn and grow is what keeps one youthful.

In her message to women on International Women’s Day, Meenakshi Tuteja says- Women should nurture themselves with so much love and respect that it overflows for others.

They should make their mental, physical, and emotional health a priority.

Feminine energy is extremely strong, so women should be mindful of where they are channelizing that energy.

Focusing this energy towards a positive direction can do wonders in the lives of women as well as of those around them.

Women should stand up for their rights and core beliefs, and also motivate those around them to do the same.

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