Pramod Sahu: An Artist with the world of his own

Pramod SahuChhattisgarh is no less when it comes to talent. We have our own set of talented people in each field. One such artist we all know is Pramod Sahu.

Art speaks where words are unable to explain. Artists have a world of their own. Pramod Sahu, a name that everybody would have seen screaming out from the newspaper that snap his rangolis. A freelance artist of rangoli and painting. He has a passion for rangoli and have a strong desire to popularize this art form. Currently he is the director of “Chhapaak Art Shala” and also a founder member of “HAMR” art group. He provides training for realistic rangoli, painting and other various art. He offers training for free of cost to the needy and creative ones.

He is actively engaged in social work and events organised by various organizations and institutions of the state. He is a prodigy in himself. The name he has carved is only because of his talent and hard work. He will prove to be a great motivation ta all the freshers who aim to start their own business.Pramod Sahu

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