Garba events after 2 years in Raipur

On the 9 days of Navratri, along with reverence and devotion, there is also enthusiasm for Garba, no fee is being charged for this Garba event.

The festival of Navratri seems like a dull one without Garba along with devotional worship. For the last 2 years, due to corona infection, a grand event could not be organized in Raipur city, but this time the cases of infection have decreased. People danced fiercely without masks.

People told that for 2 years the festival of Navratri was being celebrated without Garba. This time there is no corona infection. In such a situation, everyone can enjoy without a mask. Garba was not performed for 2 years, the festival seemed dull. There used to be a crowd at every place in the last three days. But this time there is a crowd of people from the first day itself. Many people are coming to perform. Now the fear of Corona has gone.

Guidelines Issued For Navratri, Ban On Garba, Conditional Permission On  Other Rituals

On the other hand, the organizers told that this time there is a lot of enthusiasm about Navratri. For the last 2 years, people can celebrate all the festivals well. On the 9 days of Navratri, along with reverence and devotion, there is also enthusiasm for Garba, no fee is being charged for this event. Free entry is being given to all the visiting devotees.

Visit these places to enjoy: This time Navratri is being celebrated with great pomp in the city of Raipur. This time grand Raas Garba has been organized in 12 places in Raipur, including Shagun Farm, Lalit Mahal, Grand Imperia, Grand Neelam Hotel, BTI Ground, Indoor Stadium, Pujari Park, Grass Memorial Ground, Ashirwad Bhavan, VW Canyon Hotel. Grand Raas Garba has been organized. Hundreds of Garba have been organized in big and small areas of the city.

Details of events in Raipur

As soon as Navratri arrives, events are organized at many places in Raipur. Information about the major events of the city is given below.

Live Rockers Garba Group -Shagun Farm (VIP Road)

September 30- October 3

Time-8 o’clock

entry pass

7999734436(Shashwat Thakur)

9039343953 (Rishabh Jain)


Ashirwad Bhavan (Lohana Society)

Night – from 9 o’clock

Entry – Free

Organizer Contact- Hitesh Raichuda (9926050027)


Patidar Samaj Bhawan Traditional Garba (Bhanpuri)

from 9.30 pm

Entry – Free

Organizer Contact- Bharat Chavda (9827156979)


Rajdhani Ras Garba Samiti (Srinagar Gudiyari Road Khamtarai)

Entry pass

Organizer Contact- Vicky Verma

Honey Bagga (8518888802)

Narendra Sharma (6266396117)


Patidar Bhavan Traditional Garba (Timber Market-Fafadih)

Timing – from 8.30 am

Entry – Free

Organizer Contact- 9009099940 (Jignesh)

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