Harvard University extends co-operation to Chhattisgarh

America’s Harvard University will now cooperate with the Chhattisgarh government’s ambitious ‘Rural Industrial Park’ (RIPA) scheme.

America’s Harvard University will now cooperate with the Chhattisgarh government’s ambitious ‘Rural Industrial Park’ (RIPA) scheme. A two-day workshop to develop a ‘Community Design Facilitator’ was organized by Harvard University’s Design Lab. It was on December 1 and 2 at the Planning Commission building. An MoU between the State Planning Commission and the Transforming Rural India Foundation. The workshop was presided over by Advisor to Chief Minister Pradeep Sharma. Mr. Ajay Singh, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Dr. Andre Naugeria from Harvard University, Mr. Gaurav Singh, Nodal Officer of RIPA, and Mr. Anish Kumar, Managing Director of TRIF, presented their important views and officials associated with Gothans and members of self-help groups. Motivated to do good deeds.


Chhattisgarh America Harvard Universitycooperate In Chhattisgarh Rural Industrial Park Scheme ANN

Mr. Pradeep Sharma expressed his gratitude to Harvard University for its cooperation in the RIPA scheme. He said that Ripa is a scheme to give a new dimension to the prosperity of the village. Its planning of which is being done seriously. Paying attention to its diverse aspects, special emphasis is also being laid on non-farm activities in the scheme. For this, Harvard’s help will be important for planning implementation from design thinking. He said that priority is also being given to diverse sectors like forest produce, service-based industries, FMCG, etc.

Dr. Andre Naugeria from Havard University

Dr. Andre Naugeria explained in detail to the Gauthan committee members from the districts and the nodal officers accompanying them, how the design thinking framework can be used in social and public policy. Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Shri Ajay Singh congratulated Harvard University for cooperation in RIPA. He gave important suggestions to the participants present in the workshop to work with a better plan to make RIPA a success. He said that the participation of all sections of society is necessary for the development of the country. An important objective of this scheme is to include those who have been left out of the mainstream of development. The State Planning Commission will try to help in every way for the success of this important scheme.

About the workshop

In the workshop, selected village Gothan committee members of Raipur, Raigarh, Kanker, and Bastar districts, talented entrepreneurs and members of self-help groups, and CEO of Bihan Ms. Elise Lakra and SPM and DPM apprised them about the ground situation. Mr. Mukteshwar Singh, Mr. Prashant Chinnapanwar, Mr. Shreesh Kalyani, Ms. Nirja Kudrimoti, Mr. Abhay Tiwari, and Ms. Yamini Laher were present in the program. The program was conducted by Mr. Rajeev Tripathi and the vote of thanks was done by Mr. Anup Srivastava, a member of the State Planning Commission.

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