Photography: Ready, steady, say cheese

It usually takes a new level of interest for any shooter to want to get into photography and make it a hobby or a career.


Everyone around us keeps taking pictures either from the camera or from the smartphone, but not everyone can call themselves a photographer. A -photographer is someone who drastically changes the outcome of an image by choosing different cameras and tools. It usually takes a new level of interest for any shooter to want to get into photography and make it a hobby or a career. At the same time to begin your career in photography, a small investment, and a lot of knowledge are required.

Mohammad Nadeem Khan with his younger brother Mohammad Yasin Khan started their photography business named Adamant Studio which is now one of the leading studios in Raipur.

We all know the destination but only a few of us know the road, so here Mohammad Nadeem Khan shares the simplest and most systematic ways that can help you kickstart your photography journey.


If you are starting your career in photography a good camera is a must. Anyone can take a good picture with their mobile, but the camera and its qualities enhance the picture. If you are in the early stage of photography, you need to have a handy camera that will provide you with ease in capturing. Nowadays for upcoming photographers, there are varieties of cameras available. Just a few years ago, there was a significant gap between compact point-and-shoot cameras and more professional DSLR cameras in terms of image capability and price.

But more than the camera body, lenses are important. If you buy a good, high-quality lens, your camera sensor will pick up a nice, clean, and sharp image. Mohammad Nadeen Khan purchased the DSLR to shoot live-action movies. Lenses aren’t cheap and the same goes for other production-related equipment. But he still invested in the gear, considering it is relatively a long-term investment in his business.

The external flashes, a handy tripod, or even a battery grip will be needed.

“To be a successful photographer you need to focus on the tiniest of things and enhance them.

Make sure your goal is to give the best result.”


To get an eye-catching photograph you need to have an eye for details. Every single thing matters to make the photograph look more attractive.

Photography is also a kind of art, not everyone can do it, few have this inbuilt knack for photography, while others must learn the craft. Mohammad Nadeem Khan started his photography business, with the sole intention to upgrade their equipment. He started slowly and went on upgrading which helped him in short filmmaking, the dream he lived for. With his utmost love for photography and filmmaking. he started in Pune where he did the Diploma course in 3d Animation & VFX from MAAC, Pune. He still has the same insatiable desire to learn new techniques that could help him on the way. He always keeps his eye on the tiniest of details.


Nadeem khan being a wedding photographer and filmmaker, always knew that people love to see the story behind things. He always tried to express a story with all his photographs and short movies. Being a wedding photographer, it was his responsibility to showcase all the shoots with a beautiful story.

The concept of photography is solely dependent on the art of storytelling & Mohammad Nadeem Khan has a passion for it. This June he completed 8 years since he held his first camera. The knowledge he gained in filmmaking helped him a lot to understand the concepts quickly.


Some people know what exactly they want in the shoot, and few have no idea about the concept they want. As a photographer Nadeem Khan loved challenges and this is the reason he runs one of the emerging studios. He knows how to perfectly match the client’s requirements.

No weddings are the same and the requirements are varied too. That can’t be taught perfectly. That’s something to be experienced. Currently, the Studio Adamant team is exploring other avenues apart from weddings that are related to Photography. Adamant Studios are collaborating with other like-minded people for upcoming projects, and that is how they are keeping up with all the demands and requirements of people nowadays.


Keep learning and improving yourself and keeping updated. You may need to spend or invest a lot of time to better understand camera functions and features, especially the exposure triangle-namely Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO-but the results do pay off and show up in your photo





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