Raipur News: Cycling To Mahakal| Voter ID| Roza Iftar For Inmates| Bike Taxi Regulation| Voting Facilities For Senior Citizens

Raipur Update: Cycling Pilgrimage to Mahakal, Voter ID Initiatives, Roza Iftar for Inmates, Regulating Bike Taxis, and Enhanced Voting Facilities for Senior Citizens

Raipur News:
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Cycle Journey From Rajnandgaon To Ujjain

In a remarkable display of devotion and determination, 38-year-old Sanjay Sahu embarked on an extraordinary 800 km cycle journey from Rajnandgaon to Ujjain to seek the blessings of Lord Mahakal for the welfare of his city. Setting out on March 12 at the break of dawn, Sanjay pedaled tirelessly, covering approximately 80-90 km each day, until he reached his sacred destination a week later. Amidst the spiritual aura of Mahakal, Sanjay found solace and strength, reaffirming his commitment to his community’s well-being. As he prepares to return to Rajnandgaon on March 27, Sanjay’s pilgrimage serves as an inspiring testament to faith and perseverance.

Election Commission Permits 12 Alternative Documents For Voters

Chief Electoral Officer Reena Babasaheb Kangale announced the completion of the issuance of Electoral Photo Identity Cards for all voters in the Chhattisgarh Lok Sabha Elections 2024 by the Election Commission of India. To ensure smooth voting, voters must present their Electoral Photo Identity Card. However, if unavailable, the Election Commission permits 12 alternative documents, including Aadhaar Card, Passport, and MNREGA Job Card, among others. Overseas electors must present their original passport for identification. This comprehensive measure aims to facilitate seamless voting and uphold the integrity of the electoral process.


Roza Iftar At the Central Jail In Bilaspur

In a heartwarming gesture of unity and compassion, the Muslim Vikas Sangh organized the 15th Roza Iftar at the Central Adarsh District Jail in Bilaspur, on March 26. Amidst the serene ambiance, Hafiz Akram Rizvi led the Maghrib prayers, emphasizing the significance of seeking forgiveness during the sacred month of Ramadan. Press Club President Irshad Ali encouraged the prisoners to reflect on their actions, seek redemption, and embrace a new path of righteousness. Molana Mohammad Iqbal Rizvi and other dignitaries echoed these sentiments, inspiring around 60 captive brothers to embark on a journey towards positive change. The event concluded with heartfelt gratitude to the district and jail authorities, fostering hope and camaraderie.

Bike Taxis To Be Regulated

Raipur and its surrounding districts are set to witness a positive transformation in transportation with the introduction of regulated bike taxis. Previously marred by issues like arbitrary fares and lack of proper permits, these bike taxis will now adhere to stringent rules and regulations, ensuring passenger safety and convenience. Under the guidance of the Union Transport Ministry, policies are being formulated to streamline bike taxi operations. This move not only enhances employment opportunities but also provides affordable transport options for the city’s residents. With fares lower than taxis or auto-rickshaws, bike taxis offer a convenient and cost-effective mode of travel, contributing to a smoother urban commute.
RaipurVoters Above 85 Years To Cast Votes From Their Homes
In a bid to facilitate voting for senior citizens, the Election Commission has introduced a new initiative allowing those above 85 years to cast their votes from the comfort of their homes during the Lok Sabha elections. This move aims to alleviate concerns about the scorching heat and challenges elderly voters face at polling booths. The Commission strives for inclusive participation with 2,05,13,252 registered voters in the state, including 82,476 aged above 85 and 2,855 centenarians. Seniors’ enthusiasm, often witnessed alongside multiple generations at polling stations, underscores their commitment to democratic engagement. The Election Commission’s proactive measures ensure a smooth voting process for all.

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