Gunika: Everybody has problems, but you should never give up

Gunika was Bought up in Raipur. Completed her schooling at Rajkumar College, and right now she is doing BBA from a College in Nagpur.

Gunika says that for her, the lockdown was depressing, and she had many suicidal thoughts.

At that time it was her friend, who came from Bangalore with an idea to start an advertising company, that gave her hope to live.

Gunika Joshi


This company makes video ads for other companies, and her part is PR and handling clients. The first project is for the Dakar Cafe.

They charge a very reasonable price, as they are learners and students.

She is academically good but never had any hobbies. She has always been confident, no matter what.

Even when people let her down because of her weight, but she always stood up for herself.


Gunika said that spending time with her family helped her a lot to overcome depression, and she even started a job to support her family financially during this pandemic.

This made her explore that she is capable of doing something of her own. Her family is her only motivation, to till stands strong even after suffering through a lot.

Happy birthday, mam!

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