Meet Ragini Mehta : A trainer and a former national level throwball player.

Ragini was Born & bought up in Raipur, she completed B.Com from Vivekananda College and then taught playgroup children for over six years.

Ragini is a throwball player from Raipur.

For 2-3 months she is working for a foundation where they inform and train government teachers about the new technology for education.

Ragini Mehta


Technologies such as smart classes, presentations, online sessions, etc, are what government schools rarely apply to their teachings.

They also train them about the latest patterns of instruction.

Ragini was a national throwball player, and being able to represent her country in the nationals was the happiest moment in her life, and she always looks at that moment as her best.

Her mother and friends are her motivation as they always supported her whenever she was down.


She other than her training work, Ragini loves to spend time with her children, learn new things and watch television.
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