Meet Anamika Goyal : A Life Coach from Ambikapur

She completed her BBA and one-year diploma course in fashion designing and went to Pune for entrepreneurship and a life coach from Raipur

There she started her brand but had to come to Raipur for her family. She then dropped the plan of starting her brand here after she learned about counseling and life coaching.

For her fashion research, she went to Rajasthan by Discover India program to the borders of India and Pakistan. She came to understand the ruler culture and the art there. She found out that artisans require about a month to make a single bed sheet, and get just for Rs300 from it, that the showrooms sell for Rs8000. That made her sad looking at their condition and realizing that there is a lot of improvement needed for them.

She likes serving people, and when she came back from Pune after talking to her friends, she realizes that being a life coach is a thing, as it connects to her personality and the purpose of life.

She started life coaching six months ago the initial people for coaching but have friends, and then they recommended her to other people who had depression and anxiety issues and suicidal thoughts. Those people later called her saying that she changed their life. It was one of the best feelings for her to have an impact on others’ life and that became a focus for her.

She is an emotional person and connects two things very well she like talking to people and understand them, and that became one of the reasons she chose to become a life coach. She says that nature is her biggest inspiration because nature teaches anything to us.
Happy birthday, mam!

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