Meet Shradha Lakhotia : A professional baker from Raipur

She completed her BCom LLB . When she got tired of just studying, she wanted to have a break, and without any thought, she started baking.

Shradha loves Baking. She used to bake at home during the lockdown and then gained interest in it. To gain knowledge about it, she joined a course called European Pastry in Mumbai. There, she learned how to make pastries and cupcakes using eggless methods.

She started baking when she was 22 years old, while she was pursuing her B.Com. LLB, and now she wants to make a profession out of baking.

During the lockdown, she thought of pursuing her passion, which she found in baking. In June 2020 she delivered her first cake to her friend and they loved it. She believes that customer satisfaction is the main thing.



Within four months, she now has over 1200 followers and has delivered over 500 cakes cupcakes, and pastries. Her mother and bhabhi help her a lot with baking at home.

Her first concern is customer satisfaction. She never delivers unfinished products. Her main goal is to make her cakes as tasty as it looks.

She loves the response and loves the city is giving to her. She says that clients are motivated and inspired, and their response makes her do better every time. Failure was the biggest struggle in baking, she says. To get a perfect recipe, you need to keep experimenting and failing every time.

She is a very social person and loves to spend time with her friends and family. Food is a happy place, and she loves traveling too.

Her friends call her a ‘food directory‘ as she knows every location with good food in Raipur. She is looking forward to opening her ‘small and cute’ bakery soon.

Happy birthday, mam!


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