Raipur News: Raipur-Jagdalpur Flights| Rural Healthcare| SECL Korba| Kathak Performance by Raipur’s Daughter

Raipur Update: Inaugural Flights to Jagdalpur, Healthcare Initiatives, SECL Production, and Kathak Performance by Raipur’s Daughter

Raipur News

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Indigo Airlines to Launch Raipur-Jagdalpur Flights As Per Long-Awaited Demand

Indigo Airlines announces the commencement of flights from Raipur to Jagdalpur starting March 31, providing a much-needed air service for eager passengers. Furthermore, flights from Jagdalpur to Hyderabad will commence from April 1. With tickets priced at Rs 2,299 for the Raipur-Jagdalpur route, travelers can now enjoy convenient air travel. Operated four days a week from Raipur to Jagdalpur and daily from Jagdalpur to Hyderabad, these flights aim to meet growing demand. Notably, Raipur airport has witnessed a surge in air passenger traffic, with over four lakh passengers recorded in just two and a half months from January to March 15. Plans to expand services to Jaipur are also in motion, promising enhanced connectivity for travelers in the region.

Health Department Doctors To Serve As Nodal Officers In Bilaspur

Efforts to enhance healthcare services at Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) in the Bilaspur district have commenced at the administrative level. Health department doctors will serve as nodal officers, tasked with identifying and addressing deficiencies in these centers. Collector Avneesh Sharan is actively overseeing improvements, directing continuous monitoring of 41 PHCs and five CHCs. Shortages of medical facilities and staff in remote areas hinder quality treatment access. To address this, recruitment drives for additional human resources are imminent. These measures aim to bolster rural healthcare infrastructure post-Lok Sabha elections, ensuring accessible and improved medical services for villagers.

SECL Set To Achieve New Milestone In Korba

South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL) is set to achieve a new milestone in coal production in Korba, nearing 1850 lakh tonnes this financial year compared to 1670 lakh tonnes in the previous year. Despite facing challenges such as adverse weather and reduced worker presence during the Holi festival, SECL managed to surpass last year’s figures. However, it remains below its target of 1970 lakh tonnes for the current financial year. Meanwhile, other Coal India Limited subsidiaries like CCL, MCL, NCL, BCCL, and WCL have surpassed their production targets, highlighting SECL’s need for improvement to reclaim its leading position. The environmental clearance for the Gevra project to increase production capacity promises further growth.

Raipur’s Daughter Mesmerizes Audiences In Colombo, With Her Kathak Performances

Aashna Dilliwar, a talented Kathak dancer hailing from Raipur, has mesmerized audiences with her graceful performances in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Under the Bharat Sanskriti Yatra, she showcased her skills in a captivating six-day program starting on March 28th and running till April 2nd. Aashna’s presentation, based on the Lucknow Gharana, featured exquisite renditions of classical Kathak pieces, including Drutlay Mein Uthaan, Shiv Vandana, and Panghat Thumri of Radha Krishna. Trained under Dr. Rajshree Namdev and Anjani Thakur, Aashna’s performance was part of an event organized by the Hindustan Art and Music Society and the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission Colombo. Her international showcases underscore the global appeal of Kathak, a classical dance tradition rooted in North India’s cultural heritage.
The Second Installment Of The Mahtari Vandan Yojana On April 1

In a significant development, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai has announced that the beneficiaries of the Mahtari Vandan Yojana will receive their second installment on April 1st, providing much-needed relief. Initially scheduled for March 8th, the first installment reached Mahtaris’ accounts by March 10th. Under this scheme, initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chhattisgarh on March 10th, women receive Rs 1,000 per month and Rs 12,000 annually. The scheme aims to support women financially, with the PM transferring the first installment to over 70 lakh women, totaling Rs 655.57 crore. CM Sai’s commitment ensures consistent support for women’s welfare.

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