Raipur News: Raipur Cops Acknowledged| BALCO Recognition| Bilaspur Loco Shed| Registration On Holidays| Lok Sabha Election

Raipur Update: Raipur Police Recognition, BALCO’s Honor, Bilaspur Loco Shed Acknowledged, Registration on Holidays, Lok Sabha Election

Raipur News:

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Twelve Police Officers In Raipur Honored As ‘Cop of the Month’

Twelve police officers in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, earned ‘Cop of the Month’ for outstanding contributions in solving diverse cases. Recognized for achievements like busting interstate codeine syrup smugglers, apprehending cow smugglers, and recovering kidnapped children, they received awards from SSP Santosh Singh. Honors also included commendations for tackling car thefts, insurance fraud, and ensuring traffic management. Their exemplary service, acknowledged with certificates and cash rewards, aims to motivate others. The initiative underscores the commitment to public service and integrity while enforcing disciplinary measures for misconduct, including demotions and suspensions for absenteeism and negligence, fostering accountability in law enforcement.


BALCO’s Korba Plant Nationally Recognized 

BALCO, part of Vedanta Aluminum, earns ASI Performance Standard V3 certification, a first in India’s aluminum sector. Producing 22.9 lakh tonnes of aluminum in FY23, BALCO leads in sustainable practices, recognized for its low-carbon aluminum range, Restora. The certification covers its Korba plant in Chhattisgarh, comprising smelter potlines, casthouses, and a power generation plant. It underscores BALCO’s commitment to ESG standards, aligning with ASI’s principles across the aluminum value chain. CEO Jan Slaven highlights the significance for their Restora brands, while ASI CEO Dr. Fiona Solomon acknowledges BALCO’s pivotal role in global aluminum sustainability.

Bilaspur’s Loco Shed Third-best Nationwide

Bilaspur Railway Division achieves a remarkable feat as its Electric Loco Shed clinches the title of the third-best shed nationwide, conferred by the Railway Board. Recognized for its exemplary maintenance and testing practices, the shed boasts a stellar record of ensuring maximum loco availability, averaging at an impressive 95.14 percent. Thanks to efficient management and dedicated staff, failures have decreased steadily over the years, with availability witnessing a notable 5.64 percent improvement. Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer Shashank Kostha proudly accepted the accolade on behalf of the shed, lauded by Divisional Railway Manager Praveen Pandey for their outstanding contribution to railway operations.

All Registration Office Will Remain Open During Holidays

In a proactive move to facilitate land registration processes, all registration offices in Chhattisgarh will remain open during holidays, including the upcoming government holiday from March 29th to 31st. This initiative aims to ensure seamless registration of documents related to property transactions, leveraging the computerized NGDRS system. E-stamp counters will also operate on holidays to facilitate stamp procurement. Notably, registration offices have extended services to weekends since March 16th, anticipating increased demand. With extended hours from 10 am to 7 pm, authorities aim to accommodate the surge in registrations, enhancing convenience for citizens and boosting departmental revenue.

Jagadalpur Admistration’s Unique Election Awareness Campaign

In Jagdalpur, the administration readies for Lok Sabha elections by spreading awareness and noting voting dates on hospital slips. Bastar gears up for the first election phase, with full-fledged administrative efforts. Rural and urban populace receive voter awareness initiatives, promoting active participation. Following Bastar’s election date announcement, the Model Code of Conduct is enforced. Various organizations join in raising voter awareness. Chhattisgarh braces for three-phase voting, starting April 19th. The MRD department at Medical College, Dimarapal, pioneers voter awareness by inscribing election dates on OPD slips, urging citizens to vote. Patients and their attendants receive information along with treatment, emphasizing the importance of voting.

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