Meet Sunidhi Jain : An Artist who is Born and brought up in Raipur

She started doing art as a hobby and then found a passion to become an Artist. The idea of Artshala started about 10 years ago.

An artist who rectified her mistakes and worked upon herself. After three years, she started her art classes and customization. She now runs art classes, both online and offline.

She says that she didn’t choose this field, the field
chose her.

When she started working with colors, she finds it very therapeutic and felt an inside growth. She continued to do painting and, gradually, when people saw her work, they started giving orders, and that became her career.

Her family always supported her to become an Artist and always wanted her to do whatever she did, perfectly and not half-heartedly.
She started doing art professionally seven years ago and said the struggle she faced in Raipur. The people here don’t know the value of it took her much time to make the value of work, but still, she feels blessed by the appreciation she gets for her work.

people of Chhattisgarh do not know the importance of art and being an Artist. They always think that the Artist is paid more, but the thing is thee  work behind it is more.

She never felt vacant and always had work to do as an Artist.

She feels that the artists are not getting the status and standard in Chhattisgarh, as much as they deserve.


Happy Birthday, Mam!

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