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RaipurGood Samaritans Of Raipur

Raipur police, led by Senior Superintendent Santosh Singh, initiated a commendable effort to recognize and honor Good Samaritans who aid accident victims promptly, on March 19. Through hoardings displaying their photos at key public spots, they highlighted the vital role these individuals play in saving lives. Singh emphasized the crucial “golden hour” post-accident and the necessity for immediate medical attention. Encouraging citizens to prioritize lifesaving actions over legal concerns, Singh pledged rewards and recognition for their noble deeds. This proactive approach not only acknowledges altruism but also aims to cultivate a culture of swift assistance, potentially saving countless lives on Raipur’s roads.
RaipurChhattisgarh Women’s Hockey Team Victorious 
Chhattisgarh women’s hockey team clinched the inaugural All India Sub-Junior Women’s Grassroots Hockey Championship title undefeated, defeating Odisha Kutra HTC in a shootout after a 1-1 draw, on March 18. Dominating pool matches, they beat Kolkata 10-0, Odisha Kutra HTC 3-2, and Simdega 8-2. In the quarterfinals, they won against Bamra 5-0 and secured a 6-2 victory over an opponent in the semifinals. Shreya Dewangan received the Best Goalkeeper award, Vasundhara Mandavi got Best Defender, and Simran Dongri emerged as the highest goal scorer. Coach Mrinal Choubey highlighted it as Chhattisgarh’s first national title in 23 years, played under floodlights at Birsa Munda Stadium.
RaipurSurge In Voter Awareness Initiatives

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Chhattisgarh witnessed a surge in voter awareness initiatives under the
Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) program. Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University students in Raipur engaged in street dramas, advocating for voter participation to fortify democracy. In the Bastar district, disabled schoolchildren utilized songs to emphasize the significance of voting. Meanwhile, women in the Dantewada district utilized rangolis as a creative medium to encourage fellow citizens to exercise their voting rights. These diverse activities aimed to inspire and educate voters, fostering a robust electoral participation culture across the state in anticipation of the upcoming elections.
RaipurNIT Raipur hosted Robothon and RoboExpo 
NIT Raipur hosted Robothon and RoboExpo, showcasing student-built robotic projects on March 18. In a race held at Payal, contestants navigated crooked roads, with the winner, GEC Rajput’s team Megatron 2 Cathedral, completing the task swiftly. NIT contributors triumphed in the Robo Quiz. Livant Tandon, Vipul Kumar, and Nikhil Verma crafted “Visually Impaired Commercial for Blind Persons,” equipped with sensors detecting obstacles within a 270-degree range, emitting sound and vibration alerts. Shankar developed a metal detector in 4 hours, while Avnish Awadhiya and Anjana of Charya College created a landmine detector in Robo Desire, operational within 2 km and aiding in mine-disaster-prone areas.
Raipur Governor Awarded MBBS Doctors
Chhattisgarh Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan awarded certificates to 29 MBBS doctors from various districts who completed lay-lecturer training organized by the Indian Red Cross Society on March 18. This marked the first such training conducted by the state branch, focusing on first aid and emergency treatment from March 11 to 17. Governor Harichandan praised doctors for their humanitarian service, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, urging them to remain dedicated to serving society. Red Cross Chhattisgarh CEO MK Raut noted the significance of training MBBS doctors to educate Junior and Youth Red Cross volunteers. The event also saw the presence of dignitaries including the Governor’s Secretary, Legal Advisor, and Master Trainer.

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