Anshul Bajaj: Laying in a strong foundation.

Every success story holds a long timeline of challenges. Balance in work and life is one thing and Anshul Bajaj is always on point.

Balance in work and life is one thing and Anshul Bajaj is always on point. He speaks. “No one on his deathbed ever said. “I wish had spent more time at the office. He is focused to make every moment count maybe it is his office, family, hobbies, fun, or friends, like a perfect balance

There are a lot of people who shift from small towns to lag urban jungles with the hope of making it big. But some people suck to the roots and work towards being resilient and successful in their hometown. Anshul Bajaj who started as an intern under a Structural consultancy in Nagpur in 2013, and started his Structural Consultancy on 29th November 2015 is one such personality who hiss made a big name as a Structural Engineer in a matter of solely yours all over Chhattisgarh today

Even though he holds u background of a successful family business, Anshul Bajaj was determined to lay down his path of glory in his mainland and create a new identity for himself in the Structural Consultancy regime

Success Story

Every success story holds a long timeline of challenges, but only the ones who know how to transform these challenges into opportunities triumph over the struggle phase, Anshul Bajaj considers his initial years of hunting for the right kind of work, client, deadlines, and deliverables as his golden years of transformation.

So far, he has already completed over 300 projects from the private and public sectors including Residential Bungalows, Residential Townships, Commercial Buildings, Educational Buildings, Showrooms, Hotels, Marriage Palaces, Medical sectors, and Industrial Projects all over Chhattisgarh.

Throughout his journey of making, it big, one thing that drove him ahead apart from his spirited nature was the unconditional support and motivation from his family, who always believed in his capabilities and professional potential.

Apart from his focus on the professional front. Anshul Bajaj considers his free time as important as his work. According to him, maintaining balance is the holy grail of life, which mostly includes an inclination toward movies, sports, and even astronomy.

Even in the difficult times of the ongoing Global Pandemic, Anshul Bajaj has been fortunate enough to have his business still afloat in the market. He considered the Lockdown time as a much-needed break to inculcate the work-life balance and has resumed his ongoing and upcoming projects all over Chhattisgarh with a fresh mindset and a reformative approach.

Article by: Anshul Bajaj

He started by personally looking out for Architects and approaching them for his structural drawings, freelancing with potential clients, and working on merely about 50 projects a year.

But with his ending determination, his sole army has now turned into a dignified 5-member company today handling over 100 projects every year.

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